Food Safety Enforcement

While every effort is made by Council from an educational perspective to inform business operators and staff of their food safety responsibilities, it should be recognised that Council also has a regulatory role in enforcing the food laws. As a consequence, from time to time, Council officers undertake regulatory action for breaches of the food laws. This action may arise from a routine inspection of a food business, or as a result of the investigation of a complaint. From an enforcement perspective, Council officers have a number of options, including the issuing of verbal or written warnings for dealing with breaches of the food laws. The circumstances applicable to each situation are considered prior to instigating any form of enforcement action.

The regulatory tools available to Council officers under the Food Act 2003 include the following:

  • The use of a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN is an on-the-spot fine).
  • The institution of legal action.
  • The use of an Improvement Notice to require work to be done with a minimum 24 hours compliance period.
  • The issuing of a Prohibition Order to require the mandatory closure of a business until a further inspection discloses a satisfactory outcome. A Prohibition Order can also apply to an unsatisfactory food vehicle or a specific appliance.
  • The power to seize item(s) of food which are considered unsafe for human consumption.
  • The use of a Notice under Section 124 of the Local Government Act 1993.

In the interests of maintaining general community health standards and preventing potential food poisoning incident(s), Council is anxious to ensure that the food safety and hygiene aspects of each food business are maintained at the highest standard.


Food - Premises Code

This brochure outlines the requirements for shops and food premises, their construction and setup.

Food Premises Code - shop requirements (4MB)


Food - Temporary Stall

These brochures outline the requirements for the construction and operation of temporary food stalls.

Temporary Food Stalls - North Sydney Council requirements (117KB)

Temporary Food Stalls - NSW Food Authority requirements (283KB)


Food - Mobile Food Vending - application form

Apply to North Sydney Council to operate:

Application to Operate a Mobile Food Vending Vehicle (247KB)

Sundry Debtors Payments - Credit Card Authority (114KB)

Mobile Food Vending Vehicles and Temporary Food Stalls Policy (90KB)


Food - Sausage Sizzles and Barbecues

Sausage Sizzles and Barbecues - requirements (67KB)

Sausage sizzles and BBQs are a popular way to raise money for charities and community groups. They are often held outdoors to take advantage of Australia's good weather and open spaces. Provided you take some simple food safety precautions and sell freshly-cooked and straight from the barbecue then the food should be safe.