Fees & Charges

The pool fees and charges are effective from 01/07/2015 (including GST). ALL fees are in the PDF below, but we have listed some select fees below:


Swimming Pools

Adult $7.50
Adult bulk purchase 20 visits $124
Child (5yrs+ or attending primary/secondary school) $3.80
Child / Benefit Card bulk purchase - 20 visits $63
Full-time Tertiary student (Australian ID must be shown) $6.20
North Sydney Pension card holder (ID must be shown) Free
Senior card holder (ID must be shown) $6.20
Health Care and Non North Sydney Pension card holder
(Primary card holder only and ID must be shown)
Sauna/Spa/Swim $12
Sauna/Spa $8.80
Spectator/public $2.40
Creche (per hour) $4.50
Shower $0.50


Lane 9 Gymnasium

(includes use of pools/spa/sauna)

Single visit $20
Bulk purchase (10 visits) $150
Fitness assessment* $75
Fitness program* $45
Personal training half-hour session* $45
Personal training 1 hour session* $70
10 Visit x half-hour training session* $390
10 Visit x 1 hour training session*   $650
* Gym entry fee is not included


Aqua Aerobics and Aerobics program/class

(includes use of pools)

Single visit   $18
Concession single visit
(Pension, Health Care and Senior Card Holders)
Bulk Purchase (10 visit) $140
(if purchased with any of the above exercise classes)

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