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Upgrade and Save

North Sydney Council's My Green Apartment program, run in partnership with Willoughby Council, provides independent expert advice, support and tools to help apartment owners, strata and building managers, make the switch to more efficient and appropriate lighting in common areas.

  • Reduce your energy bills by up to 60%
  • FREE step by step support from an independent lighting expert
  • improve the quality of lighting in your building
  • protect your building against future electricity price rises

2016 Lighting Efficiency Information Seminar

Are you an apartment owner, building manager or strata manager that would like to reduce your energy costs?

Learn more about the program, what the benefits are and how you can get involved at our free lighting efficiency information seminar. The seminar is the first stage of the My Green Apartment program.

When: Wednesday 2 March, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Where: Hutley Hall, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney

Keynote Speakers: Julian Freed, Julian Freed Consultancy and Christine Byrne from Green Strata

PLUS hear case studies from past My Green Apartment participants who have completed lighting upgrades in their apartment buildings.


RSVP by Wednesday 17 February as places are limited

Further Information: Please contact our Sustainability Education Officer on 9936 8398 or email


Download (1MB) the program flyer and send to your executive committee and promote to the residents of your building. 

My Green Apartment 2013 Case Study

The following case study highlights the cost and energy savings for one building, Regency Park, Miller St, North Sydney who participated in the My Green Apartment program in 2013 

Estimated Annual Energy and Cost Savings 

Total Energy Savings KWH PA

Total Savings $ PA

Total Cost of Upgrade

Total Simple Payback






What did they do

This single tower apartment block upgraded its common area garage and fire stair lighting, as the previous lighting that had been installed in 1995 had deteriorated. They replaced fluorescent tubing with LED tubing, including installing LED tubing with dimmers in the fire stairs. They replaced lights in the lift with LED fixtures as well as replacing hallway lighting with upgraded LED fixtures. The street lighting under their awning in Miller St was upgraded to LED with sensors to come on automatically at dusk.

Why did they get involved in the My Green Apartments program

The executive committee was keen to learn about the latest technology and how to save on electricity bills and were hoping to halve their running costs on common property energy bills. It was felt that lack of quality knowledge about what was available in lighting, the perception of the costs of sustainability outweighing the benefits, sustainability not being on the agenda and the executive committee’s resistance all contributed to previous reluctance to upgrade the lighting.

The Best Outcome

The best outcome for this building was the comprehensive consultant’s spreadsheets that allowed them to understand the cost/benefit of the upgrade. This knowledge helped the committee overcome their resistance to spending the money to do the lighting. The cost savings and increased safety for tenants were also great outcomes for the executive committee whereas for the owners it meant less pressure from electricity price increases. 


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