Parking Spaces, Carports or Garages

In many instances a Development Application will be required for the construction of a parking space, carport or garage. However, the construction of some hardstand parking spaces and carports may not require approval (i.e. exempt development). Please refer to Parts 1 and 2 of State Environmental Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, to determine whether your hardstand space or carport is exempt from the need to obtain development consent.

Where development consent is required, the following will need to be considered:

The assessment of the Development Application will include consideration of the following controls:

  • NSLEP 2013 - Clause 5.10 - Heritage & Conservation (if the property is identified as a heritage item or located in a Conservation Area) If this is applicable, the Development Application will need to be accompanied by a Statement of Heritage Impact.

  • NSDCP 2013 – Sections 1 (Residential Development), 2 (Commercial and Mixed Use Development, 3 (non-residential development in residential zones), 10 (Car parking & Transport), 13 (Heritage and conservation).

If your property contains an existing parking space and you wish to construct a carport or garage, or wish to move the parking space, a Development Consent may also required.

If you have an existing parking space without a formal gutter crossing, you will need Council approval to install one. Dependant on circumstances this may include the need to obtain development consent.

Applications for the construction of new parking spaces, carports or garages that require Development Consent can be found here:

Go to Planning & Development Forms for a Development Application form.

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