Property Addressing

Council is responsible for issuing all property addresses within the North Sydney local government area.


General Addressing Principles

All new addresses are based on Australian Standard ASNZS 4819 (Nov 2011) - Geographic information - Rural and Urban Addressing.

All requests for allocation of numbers must be submitted in writing in accordance with the Standard Condition in the Development Approval, and are assessed on an individual basis. Fees may apply in some instances.

House numbering amendment - Council reserves the right to request the owners to change the address of a property where the existing numbering is inappropriate or confusing.

Council will notify a defined list of service providers and authorities of numbering, as a courtesy.

Number ranges, eg. 1-9 Smith Street, are no longer acceptable. Now single whole numbers are allocated, eg. 1 Smith Street.

Addressing for small Strata plans will be units 1, 2, 3 etc.

There must be no duplication of addressing in Strata plans between shops, suites, units.

Multi-level properties shall be numbered using two parts, eg. 101, 201, 301, etc (first part being the floor/level; with the last two digits being the unit numbers.

Where there are no gaps in existing street numbers for a new development and additional numbers are required, suffixes can be used.

Suffixes shall start at 'A' and will not exceed 'E' sequentially in the same direction as the numbering of addresses.

Please refer to the Related Document below for more detail and common scenarios.

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