Residential Sewerage Information

Where can I obtain a copy of my sewer/drainage diagram (house service lines)?

This is called a sewer service diagram. They can be obtained from Sydney Water ph: 13 20 92

Can I build over or near a sewer main?

Sydney Water has strict guidelines for building near it's sewer mains. You cannot build over or near a sewer main without consulting one of their technical services staff. You must have your plans checked by Sydney Water to ensure that your new building works will not damage any of our water or sewer pipes which may be located on your property. You can do this through a Quick Check agent who in most cases can approve the Quick Check agent plans on the spot.

If you plan to build over or close to any Sydney Water pipes they will refer your plans to Sydney Water who will identify any requirements to protect our pipes. For example you may have to:

  • either divert the pipes, or
  • protect them by concrete encasement or structural support within the building (eg. piers).

You can find more information on the Sydney Water website below. 

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