17 January

Council is the determining authority and seeks comments from interested people in these applications.

Submissions must be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager. Submissions must be restricted to the subject development application, and not contain any defamatory statements or personal information, and any objection should be clearly specified. All submissions are viewable online. If you wish to have your name and address removed from the submission before it is published online, please state this clearly in your submission.

Please ensure that all comments are received by Council by the - Expiry Date.

You can obtain general information of Development Applications by using the Application Tracking online service.


Development Applications Received

27 Illiliwa Street, Cremorne - Expiry Date 1/02/19

Construction of a carport and new fencing, A Total Concept Landscape, DA 1/19

425-429 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest - Expiry Date 1/02/19

Alterations and additions to an existing commercial building, Legge & Legge Architects Pty Ltd, DA 4/19


Applications Received for Modifications to the Following Approvals

21 East Crescent Street, McMahons Point - Expiry Date 1/02/19

Modify DA 242/18 to amend the structural design of the approved retaining wall, Ian Sercombe