28 March

Council is the determining authority and seeks comments from interested people in these applications.

Submissions must be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager. Submissions must be restricted to the subject development application, and not contain any defamatory statements or personal information, and any objection should be clearly specified. All submissions are viewable online. If you wish to have your name and address removed from the submission before it is published online, please state this clearly in your submission.

Please ensure that all comments are received by Council by the - Expiry Date.

You can obtain general information of Development Applications by using the Application Tracking online service.


Designated Development and Integrated Development Applications Received

6 John Street, McMahons Point - Expiry Date 23/04/19 - link to the Designated Development

To construct a floating dock facility to service commercial vessels up to 1000T in weight. The structure will be located on the south-western side of the site, both on land and at the land/water interface, Stannard Marine Pty Ltd, DA 57/19


Development Applications Received

5 Bay View Street, Lavender Bay - Expiry Date 29/04/19

Demolition of existing buildings and construction of residential flat building containing five apartments, Envelope ADSR, DA 55/19

90 Carabella Street, Kirribilli - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Alterations and additions to a dwelling including two storey rear addition, James Alexander-Hatziplis, DA 67/19

116 Miller Street (aka 173 Pacific Highway), North Sydney - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Demolition of existing four storey building at 173 Pacific Highway; construction of 33 storey commercial building; alteration to Miller Street facade for new substation. This application to be determined by the Sydney North Planning Panel, Maville Bay Pty Ltd, DA 68/19

38 Holtermann Street, Crows Nest - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Alterations and additions to dwelling, Dixon Projects, DA 69/19

40 Edward Street, North Sydney - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Refurbishment and internal fitout at ground, Level 1 and Level 2 of the James Carroll Building. No change to student numbers or hours of operation, Australian Catholic University Ltd, DA 71/19

13 Victoria Street, McMahons Point - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Alterations and additions including new western window, new dormer and 2 velux roof windows, Peter Tout Architects, DA 72/19

14, 16, 16A & 16B Thrupp Street, Neutral Bay - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Demolition of existing structures and construction of 4 level apartment building containing 20 apartments, basement parking; landscaping, Rebel MH Neutral Bay Pty Ltd, DA 74/19

10 Parkes Street, Kirribilli - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Internal alterations to provide ensuite bathrooms, Joanna Karamihas, DA 75/19

78 Amherst Street, Cammeray - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Alterations and additions to dwelling including new first floor with new pool, Scott & Samantha Philp, DA 76/19

Unit 4 12-14 Merlin Street, Neutral Bay - Expiry Date 12/04/19

Enclosure of balcony, Building Approval Solutions, DA 77/19

4 Clarke Street, Crows Nest - Expiry Date 12/04/19

To use tenancy for interactive activities for small groups; 8am to 11pm seven days, Romeocad Design Pty Ltd, DA 78/19


Applications Received for Modifications to the Following Approvals

1 Lower Bent Street, Neutral Bay - Expiry Date 12/04/19

To modify Consent No 404/17 with modified architectural design, Ingham Planning Pty Ltd