30 November

Council is the determining authority and seeks comments from interested people in these applications.

Submissions must be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager. Submissions must be restricted to the subject development application, and not contain any defamatory statements or personal information, and any objection should be clearly specified. All submissions are viewable online. If you wish to have your name and address removed from the submission before it is published online, please state this clearly in your submission. Please ensure that all comments are received by Council by the - Expiry Date.

You can obtain general information of Development Applications by using the Application Tracking online service available on Council's website.


Development Applications Received

1 Lower Bent Street, Neutral Bay - Expiry Date 15/12/17

Demolition of existing buildings and construction of multi-dwelling housing containing 4 x 3 storey townhouse style dwellings with basement parking, Ingham Planning Pty Ltd, DA 404/17

34 Cairo Street, Cammeray - Expiry Date 15/12/17

Amended Plans. Part demolition and alterations and additions to rear of dwelling including two storey additions, garage to southern boundary and pool with gazebo, Jamie Brennan, DA 278/17

4 Burroway Street, Neutral Bay - Expiry Date 15/12/17

Alterations and additions to dwelling including new first floor addition, Addbuild Master Builders Pty Ltd, DA 415/17

1 Tobruk Avenue, Cremorne - Expiry Date 15/12/17

Substantial demolition of existing dwelling, demolition of garage; construction of new dwelling and garage, Keystone Property Consultants, DA 416/17

Unit 4 43 Ellalong Road, Cremorne - Expiry Date 15/12/17

Alterations and additions to apartment 4 involving additional floor within roof, Attic Ladders Pty Ltd, DA 417/17


Section 96 Applications Received for Modifications to the Following Approvals

126 Burlington Street, Crows Nest - Expiry Date 15/12/17

To modify Consent No 407/06 with regard to lowering of roof addition, Timothy Richard Lumsdaine

222 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest - Expiry Date 15/12/17

To modify Consent No 279/14 with regard to location of plant at roof level, CCS Property Holdings Group

101-111 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest - Expiry Date 15/12/17

To modify Consent No 327/15 with regard to apartment mix by removing all studios; increasing 2 and 3 bedrooms units; reducing 70 apartments to 60 apartments; construction of new awnings; and facade changes. This application is to be determined by the Sydney North Planning Panel, Ionic Management Pty Ltd

88 Alfred Street South, Milsons Point - Expiry Date 15/12/17

To modify Consent No 63/17 to allow on street loading facilities for the approved cafe and supermarket, Bramford Property Pty Ltd