7 February

Council is the determining authority and seeks comments from interested people in these applications.

Submissions must be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager. Submissions must be restricted to the subject development application, and not contain any defamatory statements or personal information, and any objection should be clearly specified. All submissions are viewable online. If you wish to have your name and address removed from the submission before it is published online, please state this clearly in your submission.

Please ensure that all comments are received by Council by the - Expiry Date.

You can obtain general information of Development Applications by using the Application Tracking online service.


Development Applications Received

147, 151 & 153 Kurraba Road, Kurraba Point - Expiry Date 01/03/19

Demolition of existing buildings and construction of a part 5 / part 7 storey residential flat building comprising 31 apartments with basement parking for 70 parking spaces.

Note: The relevant architectural plans are the ones received on 21/01/2019, Thirdi Kurraba Point Ltd, DA 446/18

35 Myrtle Street, North Sydney - Expiry Date 22/02/19

Amended plans.  Alterations and additions to existing building to create new mixed use building including ground level business use, five apartments and parking for 6 vehicles, Modog Pty Ltd, DA 204/18

12-14 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay - Expiry Date 22/02/19

Amended plans - Demolition of existing structures and construction of four level residential flat building with basement car parking, Aplus Design Group, DA 337/18

Unit 7 18 Boronia Street, Wollstonecraft - Expiry Date 22/02/19

Construction of a deck and privacy screen, Jonathan & Toni Devine, DA 14/19

72 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest - Expiry Date 22/02/19

Three level rear addition to a commercial building including parking at ground level, Angelos & Vasiliki Argus, DA 15/19

288 West Street, Cammeray - Expiry Date 22/02/19

Alterations and additions to a dwelling including rear deck extension with undercroft storage and carport, Andrew McLeod, DA 18/19


Applications Received for Modifications to the Following Approvals

14 The Avenue, North Sydney - Expiry Date 22/02/19

Modify DA 404/15 for various modifications to a dwelling including extension to rear verandah, new lift, fenestration changes, internal modifications, and landscaping works, Satya Yadav

10 Bray Street, North Sydney - Expiry Date 22/02/19

Modify DA 235/18 for various modifications to a dwelling including increase in size of spiral staircase, fenestration and material changes, Herminder Pal Singh