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Introduction to Planning

This new video outlines the planning controls, with Gavin McConnell, Executive Planning Advisor, North Sydney Council.



Planning Advisor Meeting (Free)

If you are considering carrying out additions/renovations to your home or commercial premises we offer a free service to help you get started.

In the first instance we suggest you call Council and make a planning enquiry by phone. Council will take your details and the planning advisor will call you to discuss your questions, usually within 24 hours.

If the matter is more complex we may suggest a free planning advisor meeting. If you are seeking a meeting then we suggest you contact your builder or architect first and bring details of the proposals to the meeting. Informal half hour meetings are held:

  • Tuesday & Thursday mornings - between 10.30 am and the last meeting time at 12.30pm.
    (Note: no planning advisors are available from Christmas until early January.)

To book an appointment call our Customer Service Centre on 9936 8100.

Planning Advisors will advise you about controls applying to your property (for example, whether you can add a second storey, or whether your property is heritage-listed), and the process of applying for Council approval to carry out the work.

If you go ahead with additions, Council will require applications to be lodged which are accompanied by plans and details of the work. We recommend that these are prepared by a person who is qualified to do them (eg. an architect, structural engineer or builder) and familiar with the Council's planning controls. Read about the LEP 2013 and the DCP 2013.

Once the application is lodged with Council, you can track its progress online, go to: DA Application Tracking


Assessment Officer Contact Details

Assessment Officers can be contacted on 9936 8100, Monday to Friday, 9.30-11am.

Council's service level is to return all calls within one business day.

Development Pre-Application Meeting (Paid)

For more complex matters, a paid pre-application service is available to all applicants. Fees apply to all meetings (see form for details).

An Assessment Team Leader, a Manager, or an Executive Planner will generally chair meetings, with appropriate technical advisers including Heritage, Engineering, Landscaping or Building Code of Australia (BCA), being present. Higher fees are applicable for the Planning and Development Services (PDS) Manager or Director to attend meetings (see form for details).

Please phone a Planning Advisor (9936 8100) before lodging your meeting request to determine the appropriate level of service required.

Note: please complete this form before attending, and meetings will be booked only upon receipt of the fees at our Customer Service Centre.

Development pre-Application meeting form (245KB)

Lobbying, Lobby Register

Please view this guide for councillors, constituents, and other interested parties: Lobbying Local Government Councillors (2006, ICAC) (224KB)


Who should register?

Professional lobbyists who want to lobby Council on behalf of their clients must register with Council. The register is designed to ensure that all contact between lobbyists and Council is transparent. Lobbyists include any person, association or business that is engaged to represent the interest of a third party. It does not include:

  • Precincts and their elected representatives.
  • Charitable, religious and non-profit organisations.
  • Industry or professional associations.
  • Trade unions.
  • Professionals such as accountants, architects, lawyers and town planners who contact Council as part of their work for their client. 


More information

Registration: Lobbyist registration form (31KB) (55KB)

Refer to the Lobbying Policy

Refer also Council Codes of Conduct

Telephone: Director of Corporate Services, 9936 8100


Lobbyist  Register



Matter on which Council will be lobbied


Individual or organisation who has employed lobbyist


Date of registration

Lisa Middlebrook

DA 47/2013

Waverton North Sydney Club 30/04/2013