Planning Proposal 100 Christie Street, St Leonards

On 21 December 2016, Council received a Planning Proposal in respect of the land at 100 Christie Street, St Leonards. The application sought to enable a 45 storey mixed-use development on the site.

Since lodgement, the application has been subject to discussion with Council officers. Further to these discussions, the proponent amended the application on 8 September 2017.

The amended planning proposal now seeks to enable a 36 storey mixed-use building on the site. The building is proposed to comprise six storeys of commercial uses and 30 storeys of residential units above. Basement parking is proposed below 100 Christie Street and extends below 50% of the Christie Street Reserve. The proposal also involves an extensive landscaping upgrade of the Christie Street Reserve.

To facilitate this outcome, the amended planning proposal seeks to:

  • add a site specific provision to Schedule 1 of NSLEP 2013, to allow that the site can be used for ‘shop-top housing’
  • add a local provision to Part 6 of NSLEP 2013, allowing basement parking to be constructed beneath 50% of Christie Street Reserve
  • increase the maximum height limit from 49 metres to 137 metres
  • apply a floor space ratio control to the site of maximum 18:1
  • apply a non-residential floor space control to the site of minimum 4.25:1
  • amend the boundary of the site as it relates to Christie Street Reserve, while maintaining its existing 1071 square metre size.

The amended proposal is seeking to contribute several public benefits via a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement as follows:

  • Upgrade of the public domain of Christie Street, Chandos Street and Sergeants Lane
  • Undertake extensive landscaping upgrades of Christie Street Reserve
  • Dedicate Christie Street Reserve in stratum title to Council in perpetuity (the Reserve is currently under long term lease to Council)
  • Delivery of one commercial floor to Council in perpetuity, for use as a co-working space
  • Financial contribution of $100,000 towards off-site bike hub facilities.

The submission, as amended by the proponent on 8 September 2017, includes the following documentation:

The Planning Proposal is presently undergoing a preliminary assessment by Council Staff and has not yet been publicly exhibited.

If you would like to discuss the Planning Proposal, please contact Scott Williamson of Council’s Strategic Planning Department on 9936 8100.


Original submission (Now superseded)

The submission, as lodged by the proponent on 21 December 2016, included the following documentation, which has now been superseded: