Planning Proposal North Sydney Centre

Council resolved to forward a Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning and Environment to amend the planning controls relating to North Sydney Centre under North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013 (NSLEP 2013). In particular, the proposed amendments include:

  • Removing ‘serviced apartments’ from the list of permissible uses in the B3 Commercial Core zone to the Land Use Table.
  • Amending the Height of Building Map to increase the maximum building height limit on a number of sites zoned B3 Commercial Core, consistent with the outcomes of the North Sydney CBD Capacity and Land Use Strategy;
  • Amending the extent to which "special areas" applies to land identified on the North Sydney Centre Map consistent with the outcomes of the North Sydney CBD Capacity and Land Use Strategy.
  • Amending clause 6.1 such that the objectives of Division 1 to Part 6 better relate to the provisions contained within that Division.
  • Amending clause 6.3 to:
    • Ensure the objectives and provisions of the clause align with the outcomes of the North Sydney CBD Capacity and Land Use Strategy; and
    •  Restrict the development of sites less than 1000sqm in area to 45m in height.
  • Deletion of clause 6.5 in its entirety to remove the requirements for railway infrastructure provision and the gross floor space cap for non-residential development.

On 20 July 2017, the Minister for Planning issued a Gateway Determination, permitting the Planning Proposal to be placed on public exhibition.

The Planning Proposal will be on public exhibition from Thursday 14 September 2017 to Wednesday 11 October 2017. The exhibition material comprises the following:

Planning Proposal - Explanatory Note (836KB)

Planning Proposal (28MB)

Planning Proposal assessment - Council report and resolution - 1 May 2017 (13MB)

Gateway Determination (147KB)

Gateway Determination Alteration (101KB)

Response to Gateway conditions (159KB)

North Sydney Centre Capacity and Land Use Study – Council post exhibition report and resolution - 20 March 2017 (21MB)

Hard copies of the exhibition material may be viewed as follows:

An associated amendment to North Sydney Development Control Plan 2013 is also being concurrently exhibited with the Planning Proposal. Details pertaining to this draft amendment can be found here.



Submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, North Sydney Council, PO Box 12, North Sydney NSW 2059, or and will be received up to 5pm Wednesday 11 October 2017.

If you would like to discuss the Planning Proposal please contact Ben Boyd of Council’s Strategic Planning Department on 9936 8100.