CBD Out of Hours Works and Upgrades

North Sydney CBD is changing - with new transport, infrastructure and buildings.

Keep informed with the developments:

  1. all Council-approved private out of hours works
  2. Metro
  3. utility companies you can contact about their works
  4. Council's own works

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1. Council Approved Out of Hours Works

These works are only approved by Council as they cannot be carried out safely during standard working hours. Details are subject to change. 


Dates & times Location  Types of works Out of Hours Contact

26, 27, 29 June


 1 Broughton Street


 sewer works in street  Sean Cartwright 0415 430 374

19,20,21 June


100 Miller Street

North Sydney

Augrid Civil Works   Nathan 0419 691 618

20, 22, & 23 June


144 Pacific Highway

North Sydney

 Sewer excavation in road  Peter 0428 975 586

 24 June

8am - 4pm

 5 McHatton


 Concrete pour

via boom pump

 Danny Crane 0448 297 288
 9pm – 5am

398 Pacific Highway

Crows Nest

 removal tower crane  Gordon 0400 441 775

 3,4,5 July

8:30pm – 5:00am

 319 Pacific Highway

Street opening,

Connection to

Ausgrid assets

 Sullivan Mai 02 9733 3356


2. Metro

Work on the  new Victoria Cross Station near the corner of Berry and Miller Streets has begun.

Council will endeavour to list notifications of out of hours Works here, however it is still best to check: http://www.sydneymetro.info

Dates & times Location Types of works Out of Hours Contact

17 and 24 June


115 Miller Street

Driveway installation works

Out of Hours works - June (349KB)

Jonathan Lloyd
Place Manager
1800 171 386


3. Utility Companies Out of Hours Works

Please note that some third parties, such as utility companies and state departments, do not have to notify Council of emergency works.

For more details on Out of Hours works being carried out in your area, check with the following organisations:

Transport for NSW

This LiveTraffic website details emergency and ongoing road works/closures by multiples agencies, including RMS road works.

Dates & times Location Types of works Out of Hours Contact

3 May - 29 September


Milsons Point Wharf Wharf expansion. Works to lift and install sections of the wharf including the access walkway, gangway and berthing platform and concrete beams and panels. Work to install six fender piles.

Contact: project team on 1800 770 973



Milsons Point notification (96KB)

26 June


1 Monford Place


State Government B – Line project – Street Opening for exploration of Utility Services

Rob Smerdon Ph; 0488 488 324


Ausgrid regularly carries out maintenance on its systems. Check their website for works in your area. 

Sydney Water

Check with Sydney Water what works they may be carrying out near you.


4. Council Out of Hours Works in the CBD

Night Works

Miller St works (99KB)      Miller St works map (86KB)

Dates & times Location Types of works Out of Hours Contact

25 June 2017

mid July 2017 

10.00 pm x 5 nights x 3 weeks

Miller St

North Sydney

between McLaren St and Ridge St

road pavement rectification

Glenn Dawes 0414 288 722

Peter Cassilles North Sydney Council, Project Manager, on 0417 269 436

Ashraf Doureihi, Engineering Project Manager, on 0421 020 129


Council Works & Road Works - ongoing

Please refer to 

Council Works and Road Works

In our local area there are ongoing Works, usual hours are 7am-5pm M/F, and 8am-1pm Sat, but sometimes outside those hours.


Making a noise complaint

If you have contacted the company responsible directly and the issue has not been resolved, our customer service line 9936 8100 is monitored Out of Hours until midnight, seven days a week, for emergencies. Alternatively please email council@northsydney.nsw.gov.au

In order for Council staff to assist, please be ready to provide key details about the disturbance, including dates, times, type and location of the works.