Draft Ward Street Precinct Masterplan

The Ward Street Precinct is located at the northern end of the North Sydney CBD and contains a mix of commercial, mixed use and residential development. The precinct is bound by McLaren Street to the north, Berry Street to the south, Miller Street to the west and includes a number of properties on the eastern side of Walker Street, south of Hampden Street.

The draft Ward Street Precinct Masterplan project aims to significantly improve the public domain offering of the CBD and carefully plan for its urban renewal.

There are a number of catalysts that have initiated the draft Masterplan:

  • The return of the Ward Street car park to Council control in 2020

  • The approved Victoria Cross Metro Station

  • Strong private development interest

  • The activation of the North Sydney CBD and implementation of the directions set out by the North Sydney Centre Review.

Specifically, the draft Masterplan proposes to replace the Ward Street car park with a major new community facility and a 1450 square metre public plaza that is connected by active, pedestrian focussed laneways. New planning controls are also proposed for a number of sites within the precinct.

The draft Masterplan was publicly exhibited between 26 January and 10 March 2017.

Council received some valuable feedback from the community as a result of the exhibition. Following exhibition, the draft Masterplan was reported to Council on 1 May 2017, identifying feedback for Councillors and recommending an appropriate way forward. With the benefit of the information gathered, concept refinement and further design development can now occur.

The Draft Masterplan is at this stage intended to encourage discussion on the future of the precinct for further refinement of the plan. There is presently no detailed design or development application seeking to implement the draft Masterplan.


Masterplan brochure (5MB) (summary brochure)

Project context document (20MB)

Ward Street Precinct Masterplan (28MB)

Traffic and Parking advice (2MB)

Design Excellence Panel minutes (107KB)

Council report (679KB) - 5 December 2016

Council report - Interim Submissions report (767KB) 1 May 2017

Public domain Masterplan (4MB)

Montage - Berry Street interface (4MB)

Montage - NOC Square (792KB)



More Information

If you would like to discuss the draft Masterplan, please contact Jennifer Lawley on 9936 8100.