Draft Ward St Precinct Masterplan

Update February 2019

Council at its meeting held 25 February 2019 resolved:

  1. THAT the Stage 2 Ward Street Precinct Masterplan be deferred.
  2. THAT the Stage 2 Ward Street Precinct Masterplan be referred to Council’s Strategic Planners for further consideration and review of 45 McLaren Street and reduction of the 57 storey proposal at Site B.

The 25 February 2019 Council Minutes:

Council Meeting Minutes (487KB)

The 25 February 2019 post-exhibition report:

CiS03 Stage 2 Ward Street Masterplan Post-Exhibition Report (16MB)

Update August 2018 

Council at its meeting held 25 June 2018 resolved to exhibit the draft Stage 2 Ward Street Precinct Masterplan.

The draft Masterplan (Stage 2) is a response to the feedback received for Stage 1 and sets out to deliver a more informed, comprehensive and realisable vision for the precinct.

The existing Ward Street precinct is a mix of commercial, mixed use and residential developments at the northern end of the North Sydney CBD. The precinct is bound by McLaren Street to the north, Berry Street to the south, Miller Street to the west and Walker Street to the east.

The draft Ward Street Precinct Masterplan project aims to significantly improve the public domain offering of the CBD and carefully plan for its urban renewal.

There are a number of catalysts for the overall Masterplan:

  • the return of the Ward Street car park to Council control in 2020;
  • the planned Victoria Cross Metro Station;
  • strong private development interest;
  • the opportunity to set the direction for contemporary best practice planning; and
  • the activation of the North Sydney Centre.

The Stage 2 development process has resulted in two masterplan options for consideration:

  1. Option - Miller St Square
  2. Option - Central Square


Both options seek to deliver transformative public domain amenity and significant community use benefits within the North Sydney Centre.


Public Exhibition

The draft Stage 2 Masterplan was on public exhibition from 7 August - 8 October 2018, as follows:

Masterplan summary brochure (9MB)

Project Context (9MB)

Ward St Precinct Masterplan (46MB)

Traffic & Parking advice (323KB) (ARUP)

Design Excellence Panel minutes (401KB)

Council Report (2MB) 

Also at our Customer Service Centre, and in the Stanton Library


Have Your Say

Community feedback closed 5pm Monday 8 October 2018


More Information

If you would like to discuss the draft Masterplan, please contact Jennifer Lawley, Senior Strategic Planner - Urban Design, on 9936 8100.