North Sydney Centre Review

In 2014/15, Council is undertaking a multi-faceted, comprehensive planning review of Sydney's second largest central business district and its growing mixed-use periphery.

The Review aims to identify and implement policies and strategies to ensure that the North Sydney retains and strengthens its role as a key component Sydney's global economic arc, remains the principle economic engine of Sydney's North Shore, and becomes a more attractive, sustainable and vibrant place for residents, workers and businesses.

The studies informing the overall Review will include:

Further information can be found in the documents and reports below, and in the individual study links above.

Enquiries may be directed to Marcelo Occhiuzzi of Strategic Planning on 9936 8100.


Related Reports

Council report - November 2013 (94KB)

Council report - September 2013 (5MB)

Legal and Planning Committee - background report - March 2013 (4MB)


Reference Documents

Ground Level CBD (342KB)

Existing Building Heights (261KB)


Centre Review - Have your Say

To inform the Review process, we'd like to get your opinion as to what works and doesn't work in the North Sydney Centre, and your ideas as for how it could be improved. Please take some time to answer a few questions and let us know what you think.

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