Public Domain Strategy

At its meeting on 27 January 2004, Council adopted the North Sydney CBD Public Domain Strategy. The North Sydney CBD Public Domain Strategy provides a framework for upgrading public domain areas that will accommodate increased population growth, resulting from redevelopment of the Centre over the next 15 years.

The Strategy consists of plans, actions and design principles to guide the future upgrade of the public domain in the North Sydney CBD. Two key elements of The Strategy has now been drafted - the draft North Sydney CBD Traffic and Pedestrian Management Plan, and the draft Miller Street/Victoria Cross Masterplan. The Management Plan identifies relevant traffic management and pedestrian issues and establishes actions to implement the strategy and accommodate growth. The Masterplan outlines proposals for the enhancement and upgrade of Miller Street and Victoria Cross intersection.

Further stages of the process will include a Plan of Management for implementing the strategies contained within the Public Domain Strategy, and a specifications manual will also be developed to provide additional detail for public domain works undertaken in the North Sydney CBD.

The draft Plans for the Miller Street/Victoria Cross Masterplan and the Traffic and Pedestrian Management Plan completed their public exhibition on Thursday 14 July 2005.

The strategy can be downloaded below or viewed at Council's Customer Service Centre.

For enquiries, contact Joseph Hill of Council's Strategic Planning Department, on 9936 8100.

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