Public Domain Strategy

The North Sydney CBD is an increasingly vibrant and economically diverse commercial centre. North Sydney Council is working to create a more engaging and resilient CBD that offers a greater range of activities and unique public spaces for workers, residents and visitors. To achieve this, a comprehensive planning review of the North Sydney CBD is currently being undertaken.

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The preparation of a Public Domain Strategy (PDS) for the CBD forms part of this review. It will establish a vision for the centre’s public domain, identify a suite of short to long term projects on both private and public land and put in place a business plan for delivery.

The Public Domain Strategy will be used to align both private and public investment in the CBD around a common vision for its future. It will inform Council’s:

  • Statutory and Strategic planning decisions

  • Capital works program

  • Discussions with state agencies and the development industry on development in the centre.

The Public Domain Strategy is being undertaken in two stages:

Stage 1 is an ideas phase that examines the potential of the North Sydney CBD public domain. It identifies:

  • Community expectations and ideas

  • opportunities to better align existing policies

  • a framework for future public domain upgrades

  • short-medium term projects that address known issues and mitigate the impacts of construction

  • longer term, place-specific projects and visionary, high-intervention opportunities.

Stage 2, the ideas generated by stage 1 will be further developed to ensure proposals are robust, achievable and adequately funded.

Stakeholder and community engagement will inform both stages to ensure the vision for the centre reflects community aspirations, the best ideas are captured, and that the proposals in the strategy are workable.


Background to the Public Domain Strategy:

As part of the North Sydney Centre Review, in 2015 Council engaged place making consultancy Place Partners to undertake a review of the North Sydney Centre’s public domain.

The objectives of the North Sydney Centre Public Domain Review (“the Review”) were as follows:

  • To identify strengths and weaknesses of the North Sydney Centre’s public domain;

  • To assess the effectiveness or ability of current policy and program of works to address identified weaknesses;

  • To inform the development of a signage policy; and

  • To inform the development of a public domain strategy for the Centre.

The North Sydney Centre Public Domain Review report to Council and review document can be viewed here:

The report to Council and review document can be viewed here:

Report to Legal and Planning Committee - 24 August 2015 (19MB)


More Information

If you would like to discuss the Public Domain Strategy, please contact Jennifer Lawley, Senior Strategic Planner on 9936 8100.