Public Domain Strategy - Stage 1

On 29 October 2018, North Sydney Council resolved to exhibit the Stage 1 Public Domain Strategy (PDS) Place Book .

The preparation of a Public Domain Strategy (PDS) for the CBD forms part of Council’s work to create a more engaging and resilient CBD that offers a greater range of activities and unique public spaces for workers, residents and visitors.

The PDS will establish a vision for the centre’s public domain, identify a suite of short to long term projects and put in place a business plan for delivery.

The PDS is being undertaken in two stages.

Stage 1 has resulted in the development of a ‘Place Book ’ and represents the ‘ideas phase’ that examines the potential of the North Sydney CBD public domain.

PDS Place Book summary (12MB)

PDS Place Book (51MB)

It identifies the community’s needs, ideas and aspirations for the centre, opportunities to better align existing policies, provides a framework for future public domain upgrades, identifies short-medium term projects that address known issues as well as visionary longer term, place-making projects.

Stage 2, to be undertaken in 2019, will develop a strategy to deliver the ideas and proposals included in the Place Book .


More Information

If you would like to discuss further, please contact Jennifer Lawley, Senior Strategic Planner - Urban Design, on 9936 8100.


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