North Sydney Centre Capacity and Land Use Study


The North Sydney Centre Capacity and Land Use Study forms part of Council’s North Sydney Centre Planning Review, initiated in 2014. The Study aims primarily to develop a framework to unlock additional commercial floor space capacity within the Centre, thereby ensuring it maintains and improves its status as a resilient and competitive economic centre. The Study also addresses a number of issues relating to land use and built form within the Centre, and includes a review of the Centre’s special areas.

The Study proposes a number of strategies to guide future development of the North Sydney Centre, including that the Centre’s height of buildings controls be based on the following core principles:

  • No additional overshadowing of residential land outside the North Sydney Centre between 10am and 2pm mid-winter; and
  • No additional overshadowing of ‘special areas’ or land zoned RE1 Public Recreation within the North Sydney Centre between 12pm and 2pm any time of the year.

The Study does not represent proposed amendments to North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013 - any changes to the LEP will be the subject of a Council-initiated planning proposal process, enacted only once submissions to this public exhibition have been considered and an endorsed position is resolved by Council.

Council adopted the Study for the purposes of public exhibition at its meeting on 24 October 2016.

The Study and its recommendations are being publicly exhibited to allow all interested stakeholders to consider any potential impact of those recommendations. The Study will be publicly exhibited from Thursday 3 November 2016 to Thursday 15 December 2016.

The Study and related documents, including a summary paper:

These can also be viewed at:

  • At Council Chambers, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney; or
  • At Stanton Library, 234 Miller Street, North Sydney.



Submissions, addressed to the General Manager, will be accepted up until 5pm Thursday 15 December.

Submissions can be posted to us at PO Box 12, North Sydney NSW 2059 Australia, or email



Enquiries regarding the Capacity and Land Use Study can be directed to Brad Stafford of Council’s Strategic Planning department, via the above email or telephone 9936 8100.