Heritage Conservation Plan

Cultural resources are the elements that underpin a community's cultural life, identity and sense of place. The cultural resources of North Sydney include such things as historic buildings and landmarks, streetscapes, community events, pedestrian networks, parks and views. These elements form tangible links to North Sydney's past and experience of cultural life and need to be conserved for the future.

To protect North Sydney's cultural life, we have identified specific cultural resources and included them in our planning controls. This process has involved extensive community consultation, identification of locally significant cultural themes, the preparation of heritage and cultural studies, and the review of planning controls.


North Sydney's development controls for Cultural Resources

LEP 2013 and DCP 2013 provide the controls for development of any heritage items, all buildings in conservation areas, and all other cultural resources throughout the Council area. In DCP 2013 the Heritage and Conservation (Section 13) gives more detailed development guidelines for particular issues, such as scale, roofs and car accommodation. Moreover, the individual Character Statements of the DCP 2013 provide additional controls specific to each area.


Heritage and Cultural Resources Studies

Heritage Studies help list and control our cultural resources. The most recent study, the Heritage and Cultural Resources Study, 1999 (available from Stanton Library), identified eight cultural themes underpinning life in North Sydney and established goals for their management.

This study also reviewed the existing heritage conservation areas in respect to North Sydney's cultural life and identified those items that contribute to the character of conservation areas. It further documented North Sydney's cultural resources including community facilities and cultural venues, significant views and lookouts and civic structures.

Previous heritage studies (available from Stanton Library) of our area include:

  • Conservation Area Study for the Holtermann Estate Conservation Area, 1998
  • Conservation Area Study for the Lady Hay Conservation Area, 1998
  • North Sydney Heritage Study Review, 1993
  • North Sydney Heritage Study, 1981


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