Alfred Street Planning Study

Post Exhibition

The draft Planning Study was on public exhibition from Thursday 26 April 2018 until Friday 8 June 2018. A post exhibition report went up to Council which included recommended changes to the draft Planning Study. This report was referred to the Council meeting on 29 January 2019 for Council’s consideration and its determination. Council decided not to adopt an amended version of the draft Alfred Street Planning Study. As a result of this resolution, no further planning work is foreshadowed for the precinct in the foreseeable future.

View the study and feedback:

View the draft Planning Study and supporting documentation


Aims of the Study 

In 2017, Council commenced the preparation of a Planning Study for the Alfred Street Precinct, to guide its future redevelopment.

The need for the Planning Study arose from Council’s consideration of a Planning Proposal to amend the planning controls under North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013 (NSLEP 2013) as it related to land at 275 Alfred Street, North Sydney (also known as the “Bayer” building).

The objective of the Planning Study is to outline Council and community expectations for any future development in the precinct and to guide any future proposals to amend the planning controls that apply to the site.

Key considerations of the Planning Study are:

  • the future mix of employment and residential uses in the precinct,
  • encouraging high quality built form design,
  • opportunities to improve the surrounding public domain, and
  • protecting the amenity of the surrounding residential area.


The study will identify design principles and preferred built form options for the precinct. It will also identify public domain and/or other public benefits to support any additional development capacity. This will ensure that growth is planned, well managed and results in benefits to the community.



On 3 September 2015, Council received a Planning Proposal seeking to amend the planning controls to NSLEP 2013 to land at 275 Alfred Street, North Sydney.  In particular, the Planning Proposal sought to:

  • rezone the land from B3 Commercial Core to B4 Mixed Use;
  • increase the maximum building height over the majority of the site to 85m (from the current actual height of approximately 52m); and
  • increase the maximum floor space ratio from 3.5:1 to 10.2:1 (the existing building on the site is 7.3:1).

On 15 February 2016, Council considered an assessment report into the matter and resolved to refuse the Planning Proposal for various reasons including that the proposal should be informed by a comprehensive strategic planning study for the locality. Council also resolved that:

any changes to the planning controls for the precinct be considered holistically and involve all landowners in the context of a comprehensive strategic planning study for the locality which includes planning for defined public benefits for any additional residential density.

Following the lodgement of a Pre Gateway Review, the Department of Planning and Environment indicated that the Proposal had strategic merit and it was referred to the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) for consideration.  At its meeting of 13 September 2016, the JRPP recommended refusal of the Proposal. In doing so, however, the Panel provided some indicators for the potential favourable consideration of a future amended proposal.

In light of the Panel’s recommendation and Council’s previous resolutions, Council considered the report on 20 February 2017, wherein it resolved to prepare a Planning Study for the Alfred Street Precinct.

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