Economic Development Strategy

The North Sydney Local Government Area is one of the State’s most economically important areas with the Greater Sydney Commission's Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Metropolis of Three Cities identifying North Sydney CBD and St Leonards CBD as part of an "Economic Corridor".  

To maintain and enhance this status, North Sydney Council has developed the ‘North Sydney Economic Development Strategy’.

The Economic Development Strategy outlines Council's vision for economic development in a consolidated policy document. The document also clearly defines Council's role in economic development. The Economic Development Strategy sets out a coordinated plan and function to facilitate the continued economic growth of North Sydney.  

Specifically, the Economic Development Strategy aims to provide:

  • An overarching vision which encompasses the breadth of Council’s intent to improve economic outcomes in the municipality.
  • A set of thematic objectives that focus Council’s efforts in particular topic areas which have been identified through the analytical work in Stage 1.
  • An extensive list of strategies and actions for Council to pursue.
  • A clear articulation of Council’s role under the three horizons model to ensure the implementation program is lucid and well-focused.

The Strategy was adopted by Council on 15 August 2016, and can be viewed below:

Council will continue to engage with businesses and the community during the implementation of the Strategy.


More information

For further information please contact Economic Development Coordinator, on 9936 8100.