Hume Street Park

Due Completion:

From September 2022, Crows Nest has an additional 800m2 of much-needed open space with the creation of a new plaza between Hume Street and Hume Lane.


A central grassed area with perimeter planting joins the 400m2 pedestrian link between the plaza and popular Willoughby Road.


When the new Metro opens in 2024, around 10,000 people are expected to pass through between station and village. 



Council identified the need for additional space in Crows Nest in 2009. A plan to expand the Hume St Park was adopted in 2015, and since then Council purchased properties and planned the design.


The NSW Government provided $3.5m from its Precinct Support Scheme to enable the construction of the plaza to go ahead.



Council Decisions

At its meeting on 18 May 2015, North Sydney Council resolved to exhibit the draft Hume Street Park Concept Design Options.

Three draft concept design options were prepared in response to the St Leonards / Crows Nest Planning Study – Precinct 1 (2012) which identified need to provide more open space in the St Leonards area and proposed that Hume Street Park be expanded.

Consistent with that planning study, the three concept design options all involve the partial closure of Hume Street and the creation of a new urban plaza and link to Willoughby Road.

Concept Design Options 1 and 2 proposed different locations for a relocated Children’s Centre but each include over 3000m² of additional open space (over 6,000m² in total). Concept Design Option 3 represented a whole of block redevelopment outcome to include over 5,000m² of new open space (over 8,000m² in total).

Exhibition materials:

Council Report – 18 May 2015 (3MB)

Volume 1 – Executive Summary (16MB)

Volume 2 – Concept Options Analysis (27MB)

Volume 3 – Existing Site Investigation (9MB)

Volume 4 – Document Review (17MB)

St Leonards / Crows Nest Planning Study – Precinct 1 (2012) (7MB)

Display posters (21MB)

The exhibition period closed on 10 July 2015.

All submissions were considered by Council at it's meeting on 21 September 2015.

Council resolved that concept design option 3 be adopted. The Council report and Council's resolutions can be found here:

 CiS01 Hume Street Park Expansion post-exhibition report (56MB)

For enquiries, please contact David Banbury of Council’s Landscape Planning and Design on 9936 8100.



Inclusive of the property acquisition costs, North Sydney Council spent $16+ million on the Hume Street Park project. The Council has also received a $3.5 million grant from the NSW Government Precinct Support Scheme to contribute to Stage one of the project.

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