Northern CBD Planning Study

For the area that is to the north of the North Sydney CBD, Council is preparing a planning study.

Here is the consultancy brief that guides what the planning study should provide:

Northern CBD Planning Study consultancy brief (6MB)  


The purpose of this study is to carefully assess and manage development pressure that may arise from the arrival of the Metro rail station in 2024 that will be located on the corner of McLaren and Miller Streets, North Sydney.

Council has already received ad-hoc proposals that seek to increase height and density on specific sites in the general precinct. The preparation of a consultative planning study is the best way to identify and preserve the valued characteristics of the precinct while managing future development aspirations.

The Northern CBD Planning Study seeks to:

  • Identify and retain the urban values of the precinct, including its heritage and character and balance these with any identified growth within the precinct.
  • Explore whether the northern CBD area can accommodate managed development growth and to ensure that ad-hoc Planning Proposals are avoided.
  • Identify possible improvements in the public domain, including pedestrian links, wayfinding, public open space and improved public domain amenity consistent with the broad objectives and directions identified in the draft North Sydney CBD Public Domain Strategy (2018).
  • Explore possibilities to achieve public benefit within or on the periphery of the precinct because of and linked to any redevelopment that may be identified.

From July to August 2019, before beginning the study, Council sought input from local stakeholders and the community:


Background to the planning study

North Sydney Council accepted Accelerated LEP Review Grant Funding from the Dept of Planning to align the North Sydney LEP with the Greater Sydney Commission’s North District Plan on 29 October 2018. The Northern CBD Planning Study was identified as one study to be funded from the Accelerated LEP Review Grant. An overview of the principles of this study was reported to Council and endorsed at a Council meeting on 25 March 2019.


More information

If you would like to discuss the Northern CBD Planning Study, please contact Jeffrey Cooke, Senior Strategic Planner - Urban Design, on 9936 8100.


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