Business Planning Advice

Council is responsible for ensuring that North Sydney is an attractive and safe place for people to live, work, visit - and within which to do business. We are always happy to discuss the registration process and ways in which we can facilitate the successful operations of your business.


Advisory Service

Our free small business planning advisory service is available to all our customers.

Gavin McConnell, Executive Planning Advisor, will be available to customers seeking any assistance in regard to setting up or expanding their existing businesses in the North Sydney LGA. He is available at the Customer Service Centre:

  • Mondays - 1pm to 4pm
  • Wednesdays - 9.30am to 12.30pm

In addition, Gavin provides information/presentations to the Precincts, and the Streetscape Committees and North Sydney Chamber of Commerce.


Other Advice

North Sydney Council is dedicated to promoting small business growth in the Local Government Area (LGA), with a number of programs and initiatives to help you make the important decisions that will ensure your business thrives.

The Advisory Service seeks to make it easier for businesses to navigate the set-up requirements without delay.

There are some businesses, which for various reasons related to the activities they undertake, must be registered with Council.

  • Food Shop Businesses
  • Liquor Licensed Premises
  • Hairdressing, Beauty Salons and Skin Penetration (tattoo, cosmetic surgery)
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Marinas, Boatsheds and Slipways

North Sydney Council is always happy to discuss the registration process and ways in which we can facilitate the successful operation of your business.


Sustainability Advice

The NSW State Government provide a range of services for business who are interested in reducing their energy use: actions matter for business.

Tailored programs, management tools and training services are provided for businesses who are working to reduce energy consumption, overheads and costs.


Other Resources

The resources below will help you ensure that you are making the best marketing and location decisions for your business.

Local businesses work together in Streetscape Committees and under the umbrella of the local Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Sydney business org
    Advise from people who want to start a business to established businesses wanting to grow!
  2. Community Profile
    Demographic statistics for the North Sydney area.
  3. Community Atlas
    Key socio-demographic data in interactive maps.
  4. Community Forecast
    Offers the projected demographics for our area.
  5. Shopping Area Streetscape Committees
  6. North Sydney Chamber of Commerce