Fees and Charges

Application Fee

In accordance with the Filming Protocol the following Application Categories apply:

Ultra Low Low Medium High
No more than 10 crew 11-25 Crew 26-50 Crew > 50 Crew
No disruption is caused to Council's stakeholders, retailers or motorists or other events in the vicinity of the activities. No more than 4 trucks/vans No more than 10 trucks > 10 trucks
Activities are contained to footways or public open space areas only. No construction Some construction Significant construction
Public safety is maintained at all times during the conduct of the activities. Minimal equipment/lighting Equipment used eg. dolly, trucks, medium sized cranes, jibs etc. Extensive equipment
Vehicles associated with the conduct of the activities are legally parked at all times and are not driven onto footways, parks or plaza areas. Small or no unit base required Unit base required Large unit base required
  Usually 1-2 locations No more than 4 locations > 4 locations





The application fee must be paid with your application.


Additional Fees

Additional fees are charged on a cost recovery basis: Please refer to the Permit for Filming & Still Photography for a list of fees.

Council will advise of any additional fees on application.



In some instances North Sydney Council will impose a bond. The amount of security bond is assessed on a case by case basis. Council will advise on application.


Payment Methods

Full payment must be made prior to filming commencing. A tax invoice will be issued on receipt of payment.

Payment options include:

Credit Card Service Fee

Council charges a 1% service fee, inclusive of GST, on credit card transactions in excess of $20,000.00. Please note that, at this stage, credit card payments through BPay are not an option.