Ridge St car park, North Sydney


Open 24 hours, 7 days a week  
Monday to Friday FEES apply
FREE parking  Saturday and Sunday


includes GST

effective 1 July 2017

Monday to Friday

First hour is $7.50. Thereafter $5.50 per half hour.


Evening flat rate after 6pm is $7

  Maximum daily fee $55

Holders of Parking Pass Cards

Apply for a passcard here (216KB)

FREE for the first 1.5 hours

thereafter Fees apply

Early Bird Parking

EarlyBird tickets must be validated.

Validators next to the automatic pay machines.

Early entry/exit will result in normal tariff applying.


Monday to Friday

Entry: 7am to 9.30am

Exit:    2.30pm to 6.30pm

Permanent Parking


Monthly Account $450

Note: a discount is available for permanent users with multiple cars in Ridge, Hipwood, Holtermann and Hume St car parks.

Clearance height: 2.1 metres

Carpark Office 9936 8520

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