Ridge St car park, North Sydney


Open: 24 hours, 7 days a week  
Monday to Friday FEES apply
  Saturday and Sunday FREE parking
Permanent Parking:   Yes

Monthly Account $440


include GST

effective 4/07/16

Mon to Fri

$5.20 for first hour, and $5.20 thereafter for every ½ hour up to 6pm


Please note: $6 flat rate applies for car park patrons exiting after 6pm, on top of hourly fees.

  Entry after 6pm $6 flat rate  
  Maximum daily fee $52

Holders of Parking Pass Cards

Apply for a passcard here (241KB)

FREE for the first 1.5 hours thereafter Casual Rates apply

Early Bird Parking: 

Limited spaces are available for EarlyBird parking.

Once available spaces are taken, tokens cannot be validated as EarlyBird.

To receive EarlyBird tariff, tokens must be validated using the EarlyBird validator located near the pay machine.

Early or late exit will result in normal tariff applying.


Monday to Friday

Entry: 7am to 9.30am

Exit: 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Note: a discount is available for permanent users with multiple cars in Ridge, Hipwood, Holtermann and Hume St car parks.

Clearance height: 2.1 metres

Carpark Office 9936 8520

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