Dry Cleaners

Licences, Regulations and Permits

If your business keeps dangerous goods you may also need a licence from SafeWork NSW.

Dangerous goods include flammable, toxic and corrosive substances (such as petrol, solvents, chlorine and LPG) displaying diamond-shaped labels.

You can contact SafeWork on (02) 13 10 50, or visit their website (link below).

There are few specific licences that relate to dry cleaners. In particular, a formal trade waste permit may be required if your dry cleaning operation doesn't have suitable solvent recovery equipment installed (such as distillation units, refrigerated condensers, or similar equipment) to treat trade wastewater prior to being discharged to the sewer.


Pollution Solutions

If chemicals are not managed properly, they may have a negative impact on the community and the environment. The Office of Environment & Heritage has a range of factsheets detailing how small business owners can help protect our environment. For further information visit their website (link below).

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