Faulty parking meters

North Sydney Council’s meters are Pay and Go – the meters do not issue receipts or parking tickets to display in your vehicle. Please read the street signs carefully. It is the responsibility of the motorist to ensure the vehicle is legally parked.

Please note that the meters will allow overpayment of coins for the convenience of the customer however they are unable to give change, nor does Council issue refunds.

If you experience any difficulties with the parking meters, please call and follow the prompts on the faults and enquiries line:

1300 880 578

If you proceed with this call a customer reference number will be supplied however this will not automatically exempt you from a fine.

Please have the Meter ID ready to give the operator as we cannot record a fault or issue a fault reference number without this information. The Meter ID is located just below the keypad.

Please note that the time restrictions on the signs apply even when the meter is out of order. When the prescribed time limit has expired, you must move the vehicle to another area and begin a new parking session.

If the meter is found to be operational at the time the fault was reported, any fine issued will stand.