Signs & Rules Overview



The NO STOPPING symbol means you are not permitted to stop unless traffic conditions require it (eg. in a queue of traffic). These zones are created for public safety.







The NO PARKING symbol means you may stop for a maximum of two minutes. The driver must be in attendance and not more than three metres from the vehicle.







A time limit may be stated on permissive parking signs. This enables anyone to use the available parking space for a set period instead of one vehicle parking for a maximum period of 24 hours (all day). The limited time is shown by a number beside the letter 'P' symbol (e.g. '1P' means one hour parking; ½'P' means half hour parking). Where the limit is very short (e.g. 10 minutes) the word MINUTE is shown with the number.





A person with a mobility permit may park in this space indefinitely.








Loading Zones are clearly signed parking areas set aside for short term use by certain vehicles when loading and unloading goods in the course of business or when dropping off or picking up passengers. Loading Zones are generally located in urban centres for the use of vehicles principally designed for carrying goods.

Station wagons may park in a loading zone for up to 15 minutes. The majority of 4WD, hatchback and other coupe and sport type vehicles are not defined as a station wagon under NSW Regulations as they are not principally designed and constructed for carrying goods. They are excluded from parking in loading zones.

ALLOWED vehicles which can park in a loading zone for a maximum of 30 minutes:

p1.jpg  Any sized truck

p2.jpg  A utility

p3.jpg  A Panel Van


ALLOWED vehicles which can park in a loading zone for a maximum of 15 minutes:

p4.jpg  Station Wagon.


EXCLUDED vehicles which cannot park in load zones are include:

p5.jpg  Any AWD or 4WD type of vehicle.

p6.jpg  Any type of People Mover vehicle.

p7.jpg  Any small SUV type vehicle.