Traffic Facilities

Traffic Calming and Other Traffic Facilities

Traffic projects such as traffic calming and other traffic facilities are planned on an annual basis. As part of its Traffic Strategy, Council undertakes a review of the priorities for traffic projects each year. The traffic strategy implementation procedure adopts a methodology that allows the community's high priority traffic projects to be ranked according to a number of criteria, including safety, residential amenity, pedestrian amenity, cyclist amenity, through traffic control, public transport benefits and equity.

Residents are invited to submit suggestions for traffic calming and other traffic facilities in writing to Council, addressed to the General Manager. These works will be considered for the following financial year. Council receives many requests for funding of various traffic devices in numerous locations. Each community sees its own problems as requiring "immediate action" and as being essential for the safety or amenity of its members. By maintaining the North Sydney Traffic Strategy process, especially with the constant review and updating by the members of the community, Council is confident that, over time, most traffic related issues and requests can be equitably addressed.

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