Business Advice

Thinking of starting a new business, or need help achieving your business goals? There is a range of business advice available.


Australian Government is an online government resource for the Australian business community. It provides a range of free tools and resources. The website focuses on all areas of planning, starting, running and exiting a business, including links to various government websites.


NSW Government

The Business Connect program is funded by the NSW Government. It is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start or grow your small business.

Whether you are just starting out with a great business idea or looking to expand and grow your business, Business Connect services can help you on your journey to business success.

The provider of the Business Connect program in the North Sydney Local Government Area is Realise Business.


North Sydney Council

Development Applications

If you are considering carrying out additions/renovations to your home or commercial premises we offer a free service to help you get started. In the first instance we suggest you call Council and make a planning enquiry by phone. Council will take your details and the Planning Advisor will call you to discuss your questions face-to-face, usually within 24 hours.


Chambers of commerce

Business North Shore

Business North Shore is based in Sydney’s lower north shore and was created to provide an active member based organisation to help local businesses and business people become better at what they do. Suburbs include St Leonards and Crows Nest.

Neutral Bay Chamber of Commerce

The Neutral Bay Chamber of Commerce is closely aligned with the North Sydney Council and is active in promoting the beautification of the suburb through the successful delivery of mainstreet projects.

North Sydney Chamber of Commerce

The North Sydney Chamber of Commerce provides events and services for businesses in the North Sydney Local Government Area.

NSW Business Chamber

The NSW Business Chamber is the state's peak business organisation. It is an independent not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential.


Other organisations

ACU Collaborate Plus

ACU Collaborate Plus, based at the Australian Catholic University, aims to support and develop fledgling businesses and small-to-medium enterprises through the sharing of resources, knowledge, research and expertise.

Better Business Partnership

The Better Business Partnership (BBP) aims to assist small-to-medium enterprises achieve local recognition through social and environmental sustainability initiatives.

North Sydney Innovation Network 

The North Sydney Innovation Network aims to promote and enhance the fast growing contribution of innovation related businesses on the lower north shore of Sydney, bringing together people in business from different industries and sectors.