Information for all Businesses

Overview of useful information to know about running a business in North Sydney...

Council is responsible for ensuring that North Sydney is an attractive and safe place for people to live, work, visit - and within which to do business.

To help us do this, we are required to administer various State Government regulations covering issues such as noise and pollution.

As a small business owner there are areas of your activities that will be regulated by Council.

These pages highlight some important issues for you to read and respond to.

Here you can obtain the right information and, if required, register your business activities in order to operate within the law.

Buying or Changing an Existing Business

What you need to do if you're buying or changing an existing business.

Footpath Trading

Our policy and guidelines aim to safeguard a fair and equitable sharing of the footpath for trading purposes and maintaining safe pedestrian access.

Noise Pollution

are strict guidelines covering the amount of noise a business can make.


Tips on how your business can avoid negatively impacting the community and environment.

Trade Waste

Trade waste removal services.


Signage guidelines for businesses.

Parking and Car Parks

Details on where customers can park and parking options for business owners.