Further Help

There are a number of online resources that can assist you with understanding business requirements in NSW and measures you can take to ensure you run a successful business in North Sydney:



Online business offers small businesses the opportunity to become active in the online environment and take advantage of the vast array of opportunities that flow from the digital economy. 

Starting a business provides simple and convenient access to all the government information, transactions and services you need to ensure successful planning in starting and running your own business.

NSW Dept of State & Regional Development, has practical information about investing and establishing your business in Sydney and New South Wales.

Aust Securities and Investments Comm provides information on registering a company, business name, and laws and regulations affecting businesses.

Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairswill help you understand some of the laws that apply to business and consumer transactions.

Dept of Environment, Climate Change & Water has a small business website with resources and fact sheets for a range of small business types.


Occupational Health & Safety

Safety in the workplace is essential in running a business. Business owners have responsibilities when it comes to health and safety in the workplace. Under OH&S legislation, business owners are obliged to provide:

  • Safe premises
  • safe machinery and substances
  • safe systems of work
  • information, instruction, training and supervision
  • a suitable working environment and facilities.

Work Health & Safety the Australian Government website on OH&S.


FREE! pre Rinse Valves

Does your business use a pre rinse valve to wash plates, glasses and utensils? You can save water, money and the environment - Sydney Water is offering to replace your pre rinse valves for FREE!

Restaurants and take away food shops in Sydney use more than 5.9 billion litres of water a year rinsing dishes.

North Sydney Council is working with Sydney Water to promote the Smart Rinse program to hospitality businesses in the North Sydney Local Government Area.

From April 2008 Sydney Water plumbers will visit hospitality businesses to offer to replace pre rinse spray valves with a water efficient one for FREE.

These Smart Rinse valves use about 40 per cent less water at higher pressure to clean off food faster. Businesses can call 1800 622 695 between 8.30 am 5pm Monday to Friday to book a visit.

Plumbers will then come to your business at a time convenient to you (between 7am and 7pm Monday Saturday).


Sustainable Small Business

Council has been working with local businesses in the Crows Nest area to help them to operate more sustainably. Participating businesses took part in workshops and auditing of water and energy use, and waste production. The results are:

Sustainable Cities report - all region (1021KB)
Sustainable Cities report - North Sydney (1022KB)

For more information or to be involved in the program please call the Sustainability Programs Coordinator on 9936 8100.