Footpath Trading

North Sydney Council encourages footpath trading within limits.

Our policy and guidelines (and DCP 2013) aim to safeguard a fair and equitable sharing of the footpath for trading purposes and of course for maintaining safe pedestrian access.

Solutions may be worked out with individual retailers, in accordance with the following policies and guidelines:

Outdoor Dining and Goods on Footpath Policy (130KB)

Outdoor dining and goods on footpath Guidelines (16MB)

Section 8 - Outdoor Dining and Display of Goods on the Footpath (246KB) (DCP 2013)


Note that smoking is prohibited in outdoor dining areas on Council-owned land.


Outdoor Seating permit

Council is responsible for managing the footpaths. To ensure pedestrian access and safety is maintained, a permit is required to place outdoor seating within a boundary, or to display goods on the footpath.

Permit for Outdoor Dining & Displaying Goods (386KB)