Promotions & Permits

With a bustling CBD and prominent parks throughout, the North Sydney Council area provides a range of opportunities for promotional activities.

Approval will depend on the proposed activity and the location. Mount Street Mall is a pedestrian-only mall with high foot traffic and is a safe and pleasant environment.

Typical promotional activities include:

  • Publicising a new vehicle, merchandise, magazine, movie, drink etc.

  • Promotional sampling (eg. food products, health drinks and juices etc).

  • Then there's also busking, charity collection, banners, and outdoor dining and goods on the footpath - all of which require a permit.


Distribution of Advertising Leaflets

Permit to distribute leaflets, flyers, business cards, brochures, newspapers and magazines (this permit is not for distributing food items, promotional merchandise or product sampling).

Online Form: Permit to distribute Advertising Leaflets

Absolute minimum of two (2) working days notice.


Publicity and Promotional Events

A permit is required when conducting a promotion to display a new product. It is also for promotional sampling (ie. distributing free samples of food/drink and/or merchandise).

Publicity and Promotional Events - permit (340KB)

Publicity and Promotional Events - term & conditions (231KB)

Food/drink: consumables must be hermetically-sealed, list all ingredients, and include a use-by date. The distribution of unsealed/unlabelled food/drink is prohibited.


Permits - banners, busking, charity, outdoor dining

Permit to Display Banners on Council Property (225KB)

Permit for Outdoor Dining & Displaying Goods (386KB)

Online Form: Permit for Busking

Absolute minimum of two (2) working days notice.

Refer to the D4-04 Busking Policy (189KB)

Online FormPermit for Charitable Collections

Absolute minimum of two (2) working days notice.



  • Amplification is prohibited.

  • Structures are prohibited.

  • Marquees are prohibited.



Some promotional activities will also require an 'essential' vehicle within close proximity (to access refrigerated products and merchandise). Depending on the location, a 'Stand Plant Permit' will enable you to park close-by. This permit can override timed meters/parking signage allowing the vehicle to park up to 24 hours (subject to approval). In all instances the vehicle must be legally parked.

Permit to Stand Plant & checklist (327KB)


  • All vehicles must be legally parked. Vehicles are not permitted on parks, footpaths and a mall area.
  • Pedestrian access is to be maintained and not restricted at any time.



A tax invoice will be issued on receipt of payment. Payment options are:

Credit Card Service Fee

Council charges a 0.75% service fee, inclusive of GST on transactions using Visa & MasterCard (credit, debit and prepaid).