Promotions & Permits

Promotion Information

With a bustling CBD and prominent parks throughout, the North Sydney Council area provides a range of opportunities for promotional activities.

Approval will depend on the proposed activity and the location. Mount Street Mall is a pedestrian only mall with high foot traffic and has safe and pleasant environment.

Typical promotional activities include:

  • Publicising a new vehicle, merchandise, magazine, movie, drink etc.
  • Promotional sampling (eg. food products, health drinks and juices etc).
  • Then there's also busking, charity collection, banners, and outdoor dining and goods on the footpath which require a permit.


Distribution of Advertising Leaflets

Permit to distribute leaflets, flyers, business cards, brochures, newspapers and magazines (this permit is not for distributing food items, promotional merchandise or product sampling).

Distribution of Advertising Leaflets - permit (249KB)


Publicity and Promotional Events

A permit is required when conducting a promotion to display a new product. It is also for promotional sampling (ie. distributing free samples of food/drink and/or merchandise). 

Publicity and Promotional Events - permit (260KB)

Publicity and Promotional Events - term & conditions (141KB)

Food/drink: consumables must be hermetically-sealed, list all ingredients, and include a use-by date. The distribution of unsealed/unlabelled food/drink is prohibited.


Permits - banners, busking, charity, outdoor dining

Permit to Display Banners on Council Property (153KB)

Permit for Busking (150KB)

Online formPermit for Charitable Collections

Permit for Outdoor Dining & Displaying Goods (312KB)



Some promotional activities will also require an 'essential' vehicle within close proximity (to access refrigerated products and merchandise). Depending on the location, a 'Stand Plant Permit' will enable you to park close-by. This permit can override timed meters/parking signage allowing the vehicle to park up to 24 hours (subject to approval). In all instances the vehicle must be legally parked.

Permit to Stand Plant & checklist (352KB)



  • All vehicles must be legally parked. Vehicles are not permitted on parks, footpaths and a mall area.
  • Pedestrian access is to be maintained and not restricted at any time.



  • Amplification is prohibited.
  • Structures are prohibited.
  • Marquees are prohibited.



A tax invoice will be issued on receipt of payment. The payment options are:

  • Cheque
  • Cash (in person only)
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)

Credit Card Deduction Authority Form (88KB)


Credit Card Service Fee

Council charges a 0.75% service fee, inclusive of GST on transactions using Visa & MasterCard (credit, debit and prepaid).