Anderson Park Plan of Management

Project Information

In 2017, Council engaged Environmental Partnership landscape architects to prepare a combined Masterplan/Plan of Management for Anderson Park.


This new Masterplan/Plan of Management will:

  • establish an overall vision for Anderson Park; and
  • set our how Anderson Park will be used and managed by council for the next 5-10 years.


Community Engagement

Council is committed to involving the community in this project. A range of community engagement activities are being facilitated by community engagement specialists Straight Talk in various stages. These include:


Stage 1 (Scoping of values and issues) - completed in November 2017.

This stage sought feedback on what is valued most about the Park, what the key issues are and how the park can be improved. Engagement activities included a community workshop (refer to workshop presentation in link below), an online survey, on-site intercept surveys and an online discussion forum.

Stage 1 (Scoping Phase) workshop presentation - 9 November 2017 (11MB)


Stage 2 (Options Development) - completed in December 2017.

This stage sought feedback on potential options for addressing the issues and improvements identified in the previous scoping stage. Engagement activities included two community workshops (refer to workshop presentation in link below) and an online discussion forum.

Stage 2 (Options Phase) workshop presentation - 4 & 6 December 2017 (9MB)


Stage 3 (Testing concept designs) - completed in April 2018.

This stage sought feedback on the draft concept designs developed for Anderson Park. Engagement activities included a community workshop, on-site drop-in sessions and an online feedback survey. The draft concept designs can be viewed in the following documents:

Drop-in session boards (6MB)

Stage 3 (Testing Options) workshop presentation - 5 April 2018 (10MB)


Stage 4 (Public Exhibition of Draft Masterplan/Plan of Management) - an upcoming stage.

There will be further opportunities to provide feedback when the Draft Masterplan/Plan of Management is placed on public exhibition.


More Information

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