Crows Nest upgrade

Due Completion:

In 2014 Council engaged the services of a design team to produce an Upgrade Plan to guide future streetscape and public domain improvements across the Crows Nest shopping village.

This upgrade incorporates the finishes and materials adopted by Council in the Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes. The consultant team and upgrade plan was guided by a working group consisting of local residents, business owners, Precinct and Mainstreet Committee members, and Council staff.

The project aims to achieve a number of goals that benefit local residents, businesses and visitors. The project goals have been set to be functional and inviting with minimal impact on the natural environment. The key goals include:

  • Creating a contemporary streetscape environment:
    • that is a vibrant and visually-connected;
    • that encourages collaboration between community and business proprietors;
    • that embraces new technology and innovation;
    • that improves environmental and cultural performance;
    • that maximises the best use of all available space;
    • with a unique character that celebrates the rich history and heritage of Crows Nest.
  • Making the area safe and accessible for all users.
  • A brief review of car parking provisions.
  • Creating an environment for safe movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.



Alexander Street (between Burlington Street and Falcon Street) - Complete

Council has completed the works on Alexander St (between Burlington St and Falcon St) to refresh the streetscape. These works included materials and finishes from the Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes including new footpath paving, lights, bicycle parking and trees. The footpath upgrade component of this works was completed mid Sep 2019 and the lighting upgrade was completed end of Nov 2019. For more information, please contact the Project Manager, Chris Stevens on 9936 8100, email

Notices of works were issued prior to construction to surrounding residents and businesses.

Notice of Works - Crows Nest (604KB)


Pacific Highway Public Domain Upgrade - complete 2018

This project saw the Public Domain to the west side of the Pac Hwy between Falcon St and Alexander St along with the North Side of Falcon St between the Pac Hwy and Willoughby Lane upgraded in line with the new materials and finishes the Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes. The work included new paving, seats, pedestrian safety fence, tree and ground cover planting and bike racks.


Ernest Plaza - complete 2018

Inline with the upgrade of Crows Nest village is the Ernest Plaza Public Domain Upgrade. In 2016, Council prepared tender and construction documents for the Public Domain Upgrade of Ernest Place between Willoughby Ln and Alexander St. The aim was to extend Ernest Place through to Alexander St to provide a much needed refresh including; paving, seats, bollards, bike racks, decorative and public lighting. Designs and construction started mid-2017. Ernest Place paving was extended through to Alexander St along with new pedestrian and decorative tree lighting, furniture and planting.


Willoughby Road Public Domain Upgrade - updated

Council has prepared the early stages of planning to provide a staged refresh to Willoughby Rd in coordination with drainage upgrades between Falcon St and Chandos St.

This project will provide a refresh to the streetscape of Willoughby Rd and outdoor dining bays. These works will include materials and finishes from the Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes including new footpath paving, bins, lights, seating and planting. This project will be progressively rolled out as funding becomes available.

The section from Falcon St to Burlington St was upgraded in April 2019.

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