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Grosvenor Lane Shared Zone – Upgrade Works Completed

On Monday 20 April 2020, North Sydney Council completed Upgrade Works to Grosvenor Lane with the provision of new paving, furniture, landscaping and night-time safety improvements including new lighting. The Laneway is now fully operational and functions as a Shared Zone, whereby the road space no longer delineates between cars and pedestrians and the speed limit is 10km/h

The upgrade will enhance and activate the Laneway so that it can be enjoyed by the community providing improved connectivity between Ben Boyd Road and Young Street and to other parts of Neutral Bay.


What is a Shared Zone?

A Shared Zone is a road network or network of roads where the space is shared safely by vehicles and pedestrians. The maximum is always 10km/h – which is close to walking speed for most pedestrians. There may be no road lines, kerb or gutter in a Shared Zone to show that pedestrians and vehicles are equal. Drivers MUST GIVE WAY to pedestrians AT ALL TIMES. Vehicles can only stop in a Shared Zone if they observe the parking signs and park in marked bays – if available. Drivers travelling at lower speed are more in control of their vehicles.


What was involved in changing Grosvenor Lane to a Shared Zone?

The Upgrade to Grosvenor Lane to change it to a Shared Zone has involved:

  • inclusion of full-width pedestrian paving – similar to Young Lane

  • new garden beds

  • Tree planting

  • Bike racks

  • Bins

  • New multi-purpose poles with lighting and new lighting adjustments that meet North Sydney Council and TfNSW standards

To help encourage drivers to reduce speed, the laneway width has been reduced while maintaining access to driveways and parking.


Why has this been introduced?

Grosvenor Lane Upgrade is part of Council’s Public Domain Upgrade currently being implemented to help establish Neutral Bay as a more desirable shopping destination for residents and visitors. Council has also been revitalising the shopping and commercial strip in Neutral Bay to make it more attractive for shoppers and to emphasize the “village vibe”.

The introduction of a Shared Zone for Grosvenor Lane was identified as a treatment in Councils Local Area Traffic Management Plan (LATM) for Zone 5, as a result of the high pedestrian activity and the absence of footpaths in this Laneway between Ben Boyd Rod and Young Street. The Shared Path will help to improve accessibility and connectivity from Ben Boyd Road to Young Street and other areas of Neutral Bay, and enable everyone in the community, whether they are walking, riding their bikes, or driving, to enjoy a revitalised and vibrant Grosvenor Lane Shared Zone and all it has to offer. Council will further enhance accessibility by providing tactile tiles in key locations improving access for people with impaired vision.


Community Engagement

Council will be implementing a Communications Strategy to help raise awareness and educate the community about the new changes to Grosvenor Lane and using a Shared Path respectfully and safely. Some of the communications strategies will include using signage including VMS and other signs, notifications and flyers to local residents and businesses, Social Media and Website updates. Council has received a lot of positive feedback from the Community and local businesses about the works.




For all enquiries contact Shahid Rehman, Engineering Project Manager on 0435 824 468.

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