Military Road Cremorne Public Domain Upgrade

Update: 27 October, 2020


Public domain upgrades are now complete in Cremorne. The works were part of Council’s ongoing efforts to make the shopping and commercial strip more appealing as a shopping destination for residents and visitors. The upgrade works were partly funded by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) following the B-Line works. The upgrade works include:

  • Paving upgrade

  • More garden beds

  • More seats and bins

  • More trees

  • New watering points

  • More bicycle parking

The works included new materials and furniture from our Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes.


Figure 1 Completed works on the north side of Military Road in front of Play Bikes.



Figure 2 Completed works on the south side of Military Road in front of Park Regis.



Figure 3 Completed works on the north side of Military Road in front of Exagym


Where and when are the works?

The upgrade for Cremorne is shown in red shading in the image below. All areas are complete.



In addition, proposed intersection improvements are being proposed for Location 1 – Rangers Road and Military Road. Council is seeking feedback from the community. If you do wish to comment it would be appreciated if you could complete the questionnaire online at Council’s website by Sunday 8 November 2020.

Furthermore should Council achieve positive community support for Location 2 below then Council will investigate completing public domain upgrades in Zone 10 between Murdoch Street and Holt Street as shown in below.



What disruption is expected?

Works are complete with tree maintenance works remaining, which will be undertaken during daytime and result in very minimal disruption.

Further information on the likely disruption from the intersection improvements will be provided if the intersection improvements are approved through Traffic Committee and a contractor is chosen and approved by Council.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Council’s Project Manager Chris Stevens on 9936 8274 or

Further notifications will be issued by Council’s contractors as works commence in other stages in Cremorne.

Council appreciates your cooperation and understanding during our works.

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