Military Road Cremorne east/central

Public Domain Upgrade


Military Road, Cremorne (East)

(and see Central below)

At the May 2019 Council meeting Council voted unanimously to award the public domain upgrade works on Military Rd in Neutral Bay and Cremorne to the highest ranked tenderer. The contractor for these works CA&I Pty Ltd.

Public domain upgrades will occur in Cremorne on Military Road between Cremorne Garden plaza and MacPherson St (north side of Military Rd) and Spencer St and Spofforth St (on the south side). The upgrade works are funded by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and includes:

  • Paving upgrade
  • More garden beds
  • More seats and bins
  • More trees
  • New watering points
  • More bicycle parking


Where are the works?

The upgrade for Cremorne is shown in red shading in the image below.

This upgrade will be undertaken in several stages with the next stage being the north side footpath of Military Road Cremorne, between Cremorne Garden Plaza to Macpherson Street (Zone 5).



When will the works take place?

Works are to commence on Monday 3 February 2020 for a duration of 10 weeks.

Due to many requests from residents and businesses not to undertake the works at night, the Transport Management Centre has granted special approval for works at this location to be undertaken during the day time, predominately taking place from 7am to 7pm.

In the unavoidable event of night time works being required, notifications will be provided prior to commencement.


Military Road, Cremorne (central)

(and see East above)

Council are presently out to tender for public domain upgrade works on Military Road in Cremorne Central. Tenders closed January 2020 and if successful submissions are received, then Council plans to award the public domain upgrade works to the highest ranked tenderer at the February 2020 Council Meeting.

The upgrade works includes:

  • Paving upgrade

  • More garden beds

  • More seats and bins

  • More bicycle parking

Where are the works?

The public domain upgrade for Cremorne Central is shown in red shading in the image below being for between Winnie Street and Cremorne Plaza (north side of Military Road) and Holt Avenue and Spencer Street (on the south side of Military Avenue).

This upgrade will be undertaken in several stages with further notifications being issued once more information is known.




When will the works take place?

The works are planned to take place between March 2020 and early December 2020.  

Due to clearways and bus zones in several sections of the locations of the works, works will be undertaken as a combination of day-time works and night-time works.

Day-time works will take place from 10am to 7pm.

Night-time works will take place 9pm to 5am with saw cutting and jack hammering ceasing at 12am.


What disruption is expected?

Council works closely with CA&I to minimise disruption to residents and businesses.

We will endeavour to provide access to shops and businesses at all times, however, there will be some unavoidable disruptions to access, parking and pedestrian traffic.

In addition, some bus stop locations may be temporarily moved locally to allow the safe use of the bus away from construction activities, signage will be in place to indicate where to wait for the bus.

We will also endeavour to minimise the noise from our works, but some construction activities will generate unavoidable noise.

CA&I currently are occupying a site compound in the Cabramatta Road. This will remain in place until all of CA&I’s works on the south side of Military Road in Cremorne are complete.

A new site compound will be located in MacPherson Street for works on the north side of Military Road. Notifications will be provided to those locally affected by the compound prior to installation.




Why are the works taking place?

The works are part of Council’s ongoing efforts to make the shopping and commercial strip more appealing as a shopping destination for residents and visitors.

The works will include new materials and furniture from our Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CA&I’s dedicated community liaison officer Menios Mitakidis on 0404 090 147 or

Alternatively contact Council’s Project Manager Chris Stevens on 9936 8274 or

Further notifications will be issued as works commence in other stages in Cremorne.

All reasonable efforts will be made to complete the works on schedule, subject to weather and ground conditions. We will notify if there are significant changes to the program.

Council and CA&I appreciate your cooperation and understanding, and apologies in advance for any inconvenience that these necessary works may cause.

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