Primrose Park Tennis Courts Refurbishment

The Primrose Park tennis courts will undergo a full refurbishment thanks to a $2.1 million grant from the Federal Government.

Works began 21 June 2021, and forecast completion is April-May 2022.


Project Information

Once complete, the upgraded facility will include four new tennis courts with synthetic grass and line markings, new court lighting, a new 'hit-up' practice wall, and new equipment including nets, fencing and seating. There will also be new change facilities, a tennis shop, a new communal BBQ area, and a small children’s playground. 

The project will primarily be funded through the $2.1m Federal Government grant from the Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program.

Council will cover any other costs, as necessary.

This will involve full demolition of the existing tennis courts before ground works can begin and a new concrete slab laid.


Works include:

• A new concrete slab underneath the tennis courts.

• Four new tennis courts surfaced with new synthetic grass and line marking.

• New nets, fencing, seating and shelters.

• Upgraded tennis court lighting to comply with current regulations.

• A refurbished Tennis Pro shop and upgraded male/female toilet and change facilities.

• New outdoor seating and a communal BBQ area will be constructed adjacent to the Tennis Pro shop.

• A new "hit up wall" at the western end of the courts.

• A small new children's playground will be installed at the courts.

• Drainage improvements to address existing drainage issues in and around the courts.

• New landscaping and paving in and around the courts.


Temporary Lease arrangement at Green Park

While the works are underway, the Primrose Park Tennis Club will be relocated to the Green Park courts, after Council approved their lease arrangement at the 26 April 2021 Council Meeting. The lease will be effective for approximately nine months. You can read the lease details in the attachment below:

Deed of Lease Green Park Tennis Courts (489KB)


Green Park comprises of two tennis courts with public amenities. The tennis courts are not suitable for evening use as there is no lighting available. Below lists when the club will be using the court as part of their lease agreement. The general public can use the courts free of charge (on a first-come first-served basis) outside of the clubs operational time.


Temporary Lease Operational Times

Monday       7am-12pm & 2pm-5pm
Tuesday      7am-11.30am & 3pm-5pm
Wednesday 7am-12pm & 2pm-5pm
Thursday     7am-12pm & 2.30pm-5pm
Friday          7am-12pm & 3pm-5pm
Saturday      8am - 2pm
Sunday        8am - 12pm


Background to Primrose Park Tennis Courts Refurbishment

The tennis courts were constructed in 1985/86 on reclaimed landfill at the former sewerage treatment works site. Over the years, there has been settlement on the site, resulting in some displacement of the tennis court slab.

External engineering consultants advised Council that adding a topping slab or fully replacing the slab would only be a temporary fix and that a new suspended slab with piles inserted into the bedrock would need to be built. Because the courts were built on landfill, Council may also need to address issues of land contamination when this is complete.

With the high costs involved, Council appealed to the Federal Government for help and was granted the funding for the project.


Council reports


Community Information Session - video



Location Plan