Smoothey Park Landscape Upgrade

Council has prepared a plan to enhance the landscape of Smoothey Park, including:

  • New staircases and an upgraded footpath to improve access
  • New planting and the removal of exotics to protect nearby bushland
  • New park furniture to replace the old and mismatched
  • Upgraded fencing and signage to provide consistent identity in the park

These plans provide a unique opportunity to enhance an already much-loved local park. By improving park ecology and identity, upgrading accessibility and wayfinding, more locals and visitors will be able to enjoy the abundant recreational and natural resources of Smoothey Park.

Please share your comments with us by 10 December 2020.

To enhance the landscape, Council believes existing through links should be retained while connections to adjacent streets should be upgraded. Additionally, degraded paths need to be resurfaced to improve accessibility and visual links and opportunities for passive surveillance should be increased.

Passive recreation areas such as sunny, open expanses of lawn should be retained and separated from bushland using path systems and edging. Opportunities for seating in these areas should be increased and park ecology can be improved through habitat regeneration and continued revegetation works.

Smoothey Park is currently home to an assortment of mismatched furniture, signage and fencing. Upgrading and consolidating these elements into a single suite that is in keeping with the North Sydney LGA will give Smoothey Park a more recognisable identity.

Redundant bubblers should also be removed and replaced if water supply is available. Creating discernible entry areas, particularly on Russell Street will help reinforce the park identity and draw more visitors in to the park.

Please share your comments with us by 10 December 2020.

For further information please contact Council’s Landscape Projects Coordinator – Alicja Batorowicz, Open Space and Environmental Services Division:

Phone:                9936 8100







Posted on 12 November 2020

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