B-Line Construction Works

Night Work

Questions? Contact the 24 hour project line on 1800 048 751 or email projects@transport.nsw.gov.au or website TfNSW B-line Bus website


Work is scheduled to take place at night on Military Road from Sunday 17 February to Thursday 21 February and Sunday 24 February 2019 between the hours of 7pm and 5am, weather permitting.  


During February, noisy night works will only occur for two nights per week, for up to a total of six nights for the month. There will also be work undertaken on other evenings of the week however this work, which will involve traffic control, is not anticipated to be a high noise activity but will be noticeable. 

  • Noisy night work – Thursday 21 and Sunday 24 February (2 nights)
  • Non-noisy night work – Sunday 17 - Wednesday 20 February (4 nights).

Please see the B-line notification (257KB) for more details.




(Please note that these night works are dependent on weather conditions and in the event that works can not be undertaken on the abovementioned nights, work may occur on subsequent evenings. In addition to this work, there may still be a presence on site outside of the two nights per week program to complete inaudible works. Where possible, the project team will look for opportunities to complete work in specific areas over a 5 night period however we will consult with the community prior to this occurring.) 


Bus Lanes

Jan 2018 change T3 lanes to Bus Lanes

Transport for NSW has advised Council that existing T3 lanes were converted to Bus lanes in the AM peak from mid-January 2018. The conversion applied at two sections:

  • Along Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation (from Condamine Street to Sydney Road)
  • Along Spit and Military Roads (from Ourimbah Road, Mosman to Watson Street, Neutral Bay). 

At its meeting on 4 December 2017 (15MB), Council resolved:

  1. THAT Council endorse a submission to Transport for NSW’s B-Line Team regarding the conversion of the existing AM T3 Lanes to an AM Bus Lane along the lines of commentary provided in this report.
  2. THAT Council also prepare a supplementary submission based on feedback from affected Precincts, including Harrison, Bennett, Willoughby Bay, Neutral and Brightmore.
  3. THAT Council immediately forward to the above Precincts any correspondence that it receives from Transport for NSW regarding the B-Line and continue to publish all correspondence on its website.

Council submission T3 conversion to bus lanes (113KB)

Council supplementary submission T3 conversion to bus lanes (395KB)

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Posted on 15 February 2019

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