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B-Line Northern Beaches


On 9 November 2015, the NSW Government announced the delivery of the Northern Beaches B-Line project, which represents a program of works to deliver changes to kerb-side bus services from Mona Vale to the Sydney CBD.

Council on 19 November 2015 (2MB) considered a report on this matter.

Then the Northern Beaches B-Line project team released a B-Line Review of Environmental Factors (REF) report on 5 December 2016 - "to assess the environmental impacts associated with the construction and operation of the B-Line proposal under the provisions of Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979".


The Council Position

Council considered its response to the REF report on 20 February 2017 and identified significant issues with the B-Line project including four key issues previously identified by Council:

  1. Mode shift, traffic reduction and value for money objectives for the project are unclear.
  2. The extent to which parking removal and clearway extensions will impact pedestrian/retail amenity in Cremorne and Neutral Bay are unclear.
  3. A North Sydney CBD Northern Beaches BRT stop should be included in the scope of the project.
  4. TfNSW identified six project options, including a centrally aligned BRT option, for further development as part of their Northern Beaches BRT Pre-feasibility Study. No further consideration was given to these options as part of the further development of the B-Line project.

In addition to these overarching concerns, the response identified a number of further strategic and technical issues associated with the B-Line proposal detailed in the REF. As a result, Council resolved to convene a public meeting to discuss the REF on 30 March 2017 and invited Mosman Council to co-host it. Invitations were issued to the Premier, Minister for Transport, Member for North Shore, and TfNSW, but they declined.

From that public meeting:

Council presentation: response to B-Line REF (3MB)

The post-meeting report and discussion (628KB)

Council on 1 May 2017 resolved to support a community petition to halt the State Government B-Line bus project.

Council also resolved to write to the Premier, with a copy to the new local State Member for North Shore, asking that the proposed B-line be halted until such time that a holistic and integrated transport plan which addresses the on-going congestion on Military Road and the Spit bridge, in the context of the newly announced Northern Beaches Tunnel both now and into the future, is developed and a comprehensive community consultation/engagement process implemented.

Council resolution letter to the Premier & Ministers (89KB) 

In addition, Council wrote to Transport for NSW on 7 July 2017 with objections to the implementation of Package C1 and the Arboriculture Impact Assessment Report.

Council letter to Transport NSW July 2017 (877KB)

And from the Council Meeting of 24 July 2017

Council Response to TfNSW regarding Street Tree Removal for B-Line (16MB)


Removal of Trees along Military Road

Transport for NSW undertook tree removal and trimming work during September and October 2017 along Military Road around Neutral Bay and Cremorne. The purpose of the tree removal and trimming was to enable the new double decker B-Line bus to safely travel along the route. Transport for NSW will endeavour to re-plant the trees in these locations in 2018. 

Transport for NSW notification re tree removal Neutral Bay (527KB)

Transport for NSW notification re tree removal Cremorne (202KB)


At its meeting on 9 October 2017, Council resolved:

1. THAT Council urgently write to the Premier and our local member requesting that they immediately stop the destruction and pruning of our local trees on Military Road and in St Leonards Park.

2. THAT Council urgently request the full Statement of Effects for the B-Line including negotiated changes that have been made and promised to various community groups by the B-Line representatives of RMS.

3. THAT Council request a copy of the test results of the tests undertaken by RMS within the last month.

4. THAT a copy of the correspondence and any responses be published on Council’s website.

We have sent the following letters 

To the Premier, Local Member and B Line team, Oct 2017 (192KB)


The following responses have been received

Response from Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Treasurer (51KB)  

Response from NSW Premier, Oct 2017 (60KB)

Response from Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Oct 2017 (61KB)

Response from Gladys Berejiklian, Dec 2017 (168KB)


Community Meetings 

A report was submitted to Council at its meeting on 30 October 2017 regarding three recent Precinct meetings with the NSW Government about transport infrastructure projects.

Council resolved:

1. THAT the Q&A session transcripts from all the meetings, once finalised with TfNSW and RMS, be circulated and/or published to all stakeholders.

2. THAT Council accept and follow up on the RMS offer (arising from the 12 October 2017 meeting) to present again at a precinct/community meeting with their air quality expert in response to their key “take away”, that exhaust fumes/stack ventilation/air quality remains a major community concern.

3. THAT Council write to the State Government asking for a moratorium on all infrastructure works relating to the B-Line that have been proposed to take place in Cremorne and Neutral Bay for six months in order to undertake a trial of the B-Line bus service to collect real-time data and that such a trial not take place over the Christmas/ New Year period.

4. THAT Council write to the Member for North Shore requesting a copy of her correspondence to the Minister for Transport in relation to the B-Line.

5. THAT Council thank Council staff and in particular Jenny Gleeson, for organising the public meetings that have been held over the past 4-6 weeks in relation to the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link and the B-Line.

CiS11: Special Precinct Meetings - Transport Infrastructure Related Projects (275KB)


Have Your Say

The petition, coordinated by the B-Line Petition Group - Cremorne, calls for the NSW Legislative Assembly to request a comprehensive parliamentary investigation into the costs, rationale and decision making associated with the B-Line bus project to date. Download the B-Line Community Petition (175KB) and return it filled-out to Council or complete the petition here at Council in Customer Service at 200 Miller Street, North Sydney; or in Stanton Library, North Sydney Olympic Pool and at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability.

Note: only original petition signatory sheets will be accepted by the Legislative Assembly. Do not fax or email completed sheets to Council.


More Information

For further information, contact Transport for NSW on tel: 1800 048 751 (24 hours) or email: or visit