Ramp up our Protest - Save Bradfield Park


The NSW Government is proposing to install a large concrete cycling ramp in Bradfield Park.

This is their latest assault on parkland in North Sydney. Transport for NSW is consulting over two proposed cycle ramps to provide access to the Harbour Bridge.

North Sydney Council is not against cycling. We have a long history of supporting cycling and reducing dependence on motor vehicles but NOT at the expense of our parkland.

The consultation was feedback until 27 June 2021.

Council still encourages residents to voice their opinion on the concepts before it's too late. 


What's wrong with the proposed ramps? 

 The first option is an extended linear ramp over Bradfield Park North. The second option is a double-looped spiral ramp at Bradfield Park central.  

  1. Both ramp options cut into Bradfield Park. It’s not just the footprint of the ramps that matter, but how they will impact the feel of the park. There will be less space, less sunshine, less green and more concrete.

  2. Both options have a detrimental effect on the beauty and heritage of the park and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Bridge is an international icon and the curtilage of the Bridge is part of its unique heritage and character. It belongs to all of Sydney, not just local residents and it is worth protecting.

  3. The linear ramp option will negatively impact the much-loved Kirribilli Markets which help fund important community services at the Kirribilli Centre. The spiral ramp option takes out a popular restaurant and community art space.

These options which have been presented for community consultation were rejected by the community in 2017. Rather than finding a better solution, the ramp options have been dusted off and recycled in the hope that the community will be too tired to fight for its parkland and heritage once again.


We're encouraging the community to say "no" to a ramp and "yes" to a lift, while an innovative solution is found.


Our open space in North Sydney is spiraling down while our population ramps up


When you do the maths, there is just over 17sq.m of open space per North Sydney resident, compared to our neighbours in Mosman who have 58 sq.m per person and Ku-ring-gai who have115 sq.m per person. In fact, North Sydney has significantly less open space per person than any other northern Sydney council, and even the City of Sydney. 




The NSW Government is annexing approximately 80,000 sq.m of parkland in North Sydney for infrastructure, and now they are targeting Bradfield Park.

Of course, it’s not just residents who use our open space. We have 50,000 workers and 20,000 school children visiting each work day and hundreds of thousands of other visitors each year.

Under the NSW Government’s 2036 plan, North Sydney will have another 20,000 workers and 19,500 residents in the next 15 years.


No to a ramp, yes to a lift - have your say

The more voices there are, the better chance we have at being heard. Council encourages residents to write to the Member for North Shore Felicity Wilson, northshore@parliament.nsw.gov.au and the Mayor Zoe Baker, mayor@northsydney.nsw.gov.au


 Transport for NSW ran community drop-in and pop-up sessions in mid 2021.