Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway Access Proposals

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is seeking feedback on two proposals to improve accessibility to the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway at both the northern and southern ends.

At the northern end of the cycleway, cyclists are required to stop, dismount and climb/descend 55 steps, near Burton Street. The steps: 

  • limit access to the cycleway

  • create a pinchpoint in the cycle network

  • can provide a safety hazard if cyclists choose to ride down the steps

  • can lead to queuing across a pedestrian path during peak traffic times

RMS is proposing to provide step-free access by constructing an elevated ramp connecting to the cycleway.

The key objectives of the proposal include: 

  • improving access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway

  • improving safety for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists

  • supporting future growth in cyclists travelling between the Sydney CBD, the Lower North Shore and beyond

  • providing a cycleway facility that fits in with the

  • context of the location, including the potential visibility of the structure

  • heritage values of the area

  • architectural qualities of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

An Options Report has been prepared for the proposed northern cycle ramp. A copy is available to view in person at Council's Customer Service Centre.

The proposals are open for community feedback by 15 December 2017.


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Posted on 1 December 2017

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