Blue St, Pac Hwy, Miller St Upgrades

Council will be undertaking public domain upgrades on Blue Street, Pacific Highway and Miller Street.

The upgrades are vital to Council’s ongoing efforts to improve and revitalise the North Sydney CBD.

Staging for the works is shown in the plan below and will include the installation of new granite paving and kerbs, new street furniture, new lighting, and upgraded drainage and landscaping.


Council will be undertaking public domain upgrades at:



The proposed works include the re-construction of the bus lay-by on Blue St, raised laneways and driveways, new high-quality granite paving and kerbs, new and improved seating arrangements, stone clad retaining walls, landscaping, installation of new and improved lighting, new drainage, paved service utility pit lids and other street furniture.

This upgrade project is a continuation of the recently completed works at Brett Whiteley Place, Berry Street and Walker Street.

The design has been prepared in accordance with the materials detailed in Council’s Public Domain Style Manual.



Council will be working closely with local businesses and the community to minimise disruption as much as possible. At this stage it is anticipated to undertake the construction works during weekdays but due to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area it may be necessary to undertake some of the work on weekends.  There will be limited night-time work up to 10pm due to noise restrictions in the CBD.



For more information, contact Council’s Engineering Project Manager Shahid Rehman on 9936 8277.