Brett Whiteley Place

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Project Updates

Regal Innovations Pty Ltd on behalf on North Sydney Council (NSC) are undertaking construction works at Brett Whiteley Place.


Phase One: complete

Phase Two: complete

Phase Three: after 100 Mount St



Project Phases

Phase One included new high-quality granite footpath paving, new and improved seating arrangements, refurbishment of the existing woodward fountains, upgrade of the drainage, installation of street furniture, new bus stops on Miller St, planting new trees, new and improved lighting, improved pedestrian circulation and the creation of an events space. To coincide with the ongoing rejuvenation of Brett Whiteley Place, the footpaths and bus shelters (cnr Miller St) were also upgraded. Twelve advanced Japanese Elms will be planted in specially designed “structural tree pits” to contain the trees root systems while allowing the trees to grow and thrive through to maturity.


Phase Two of the construction was in Elizabeth Plaza. This phase included the upgrade of the existing footpath to granite paving, new and improved seating arrangements, installation of street furniture, upgraded drainage, planting of new trees and catenary lighting.


Phase three of the project will commence in Denison St upon an independent development at 100 Mount Street. The existing pavement comprises of a concrete base with concrete pavers. The existing pavers will be replaced with high quality granite set pavers together with landscape and street furniture improvements.





The upgrade of Brett Whiteley Place, Elizabeth Plaza and the Miller St bus stop zone commenced in August 2016.

The plans were on public exhibition for public comment between 15 January and 12 February 2015 and have since been approved by Council.

The design was prepared in accordance with the materials detailed in Council’s Public Domain Style Manual.


More Information

If you have any questions or comments in relation to these works or you have any special requirements that we will need to allow for, please do not hesitate to contact Council Project Manager Shahid Rehman on 9936 8277 or send an email to and we will try to address your concerns as much as possible.

Follow-up notification letters will be issued to all businesses and tenants. Regular updates will also be made available on this website.

For all general inquiries, please contact Council on 99368100.

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