Coal Loader Platform Green Roof Project

Due Completion: 24 March 2018



The Coal Loader Platform is due to open on Sat 24 March 2018!

And we're having a public picnic to celebrate!

Please join us for Picnic on the Platform and enjoy North Sydney's newest harbourside park.

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The last main stage of the redevelopment of the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability - a major milestone of the Waverton Peninsula Strategic Master Plan - is the creation of one of Sydney’s largest publicly accessible green roof spaces on the old coal-loading platform.

The concrete and sandstone platform structure is one hectare in size (you could fit seven Olympic-sized swimming pools side by side along its length) and designed to be a multi-purpose recreational space with spectacular views of the harbour.

The green roof project includes community "urban harvest" plots (vegetables, fruit trees, aquaculture) irrigated by recycled stormwater, a performance space, extensive seating and viewing areas, as well as heritage interpretation of the original coal loading operations. Up to 250,000 litres of collected stormwater can be filtered through ‘raingardens’ established in the old coal loading chutes and stored in one of the old tunnels beneath the platform. Skylights over the existing pedestrian tunnel provide natural light to augment existing artificial lighting.

A colonnade along the western edge provides shelter from sun and rain and supports special integrated solar panels that, together with sun-tracking panels at the south end of the platform, will generate electricity to 100% offset site power requirements. Grape vines will eventually be planted to grow along the colonnade (based on heritage varieties originally imported by Alexander Berry – the original British settler of the area). These vines will provide summer shade, whilst being view friendly and the grapes can be harvested for wine-making. A demonstration area at the southern end of the platform provides guidance on the best local Australian plants for green-roof environments.

The platform provides opportunities for learning and social interaction in an "outdoor classroom" environment - in keeping with the’ hands-on’ philosophy of the Centre for Sustainability.

A range of smart technologies and sensors monitor key environmental parameters and this information will be fed back to a website portal, allowing remote interaction, research and analysis by schools, universities and other interested groups.

For more information contact David Banbury - Landscape Architect & Project Manager, 9936 8100 or

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